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Pastor Appreciation Contest

Our 2009 Pastor Appreciation Contest is now finished. Thank you to each of those who took the time to submit their pastor appreciation ideas. They are all excellent ideas.

We are pleased to announce that this years winner is Penny Martinez from Thibodaux, Louisiana. Her patio makeover idea generated a lot of conversation among our six judges. As our winner she received a $25 gift certificate to for her pastor. Take a look at her idea below and see if it helps you generate some ideas of your own.


The information below was our invitation to enter the now closed 2009 Pastor Appreciation Contest. I'm leaving it here so that you can get your ideas ready for future contests.

Welcome to our 2009 pastor appreciation contest! Here's your chance to give your pastor a $25 gift certificate without it costing you anything.

I want your pastor appreciation ideas, and I'm willing to pay for them... at least the best one.

I am looking for unique and creative pastor appreciation ideas. Maybe you have a new idea that no one else thought of. Maybe you have a "new twist" for an old idea. It could be a great idea for pastor appreciation day. It might be an idea for a pastor's anniversary. It could be an idea for your pastor, your pastor's spouse, his children, or the entire family. Perhaps you saw something done, helped plan something, or just thought of an idea.

For this pastor appreciation contest I'm looking for ideas that show your pastor he/she (and/or his family) is appreciated. It can be for a formal service or a simple "behind the scenes" kind of idea. Whatever your pastor appreciation idea - big or small - I would like to hear about it.

The best submission will earn the entrant's pastor a $25.00 gift certificate to (Christian Book Distributors).

Rules and Guidelines

I'm afraid there have to be some rules and guidelines to this pastor appreciation contest.

  • I would like to receive pastor appreciation ideas from all over the world, but I can only mail the gift certificate to an address in the USA. Therefore, anyone can submit an idea. But the winner of the pastor appreciation contest will have to have an address in the USA.
  • I can only accept submissions from adults age 18 or over. By submitting your pastor appreciation idea through the form below, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.
  • If contests like this are illegal where you are - please don't enter.
  • The winner will be determined by a panel of judges selected by me. Their decision is final - even for me.
  • Entries must be submitted no later than 11:59 pm Eastern Time on July 31, 2009.
  • Entries will be judged on their uniqueness and creativity. But I think it goes without saying that entries must also be ideas for showing pastor appreciation.
  • Entries must be made through the form below.
  • When the contest is over and the winner is chosen, I will mail the gift certificate to the winner. It will be mailed within 30 days of the contest's completion.
  • If you want to be entered to win the gift certificate, please include an email address where I can easily reach you.

Ideas Already Submitted by Others

Below are pastor appreciation ideas others have submitted to this contest. Read them to get an idea for yourself, to check out the competition, or to rate which ones you think are the best.

Pick a Card........ Any Card 
Get some cards, index cards maybe, and use them as vouchers/coupons, that the Pastor can redeem for different things, and each card redeemed will be fulfilled …

Give Him a Special Tie 
1. Have a married couple or two of the youth imitate the Pastor and his wife in gestures, dress, etc. 2.Place a big tie on the Pastor and have the …

16 Hours of Service 
Our Pastor has been pastoring for a number of years. The Marriage Ministry decided to shower him and his wife with gifts for the number of years he's …

Those Were The Days 
Go to the family and friends of your pastor before he became your pastor. Collect baby pictures, school pictures, ones he would rather forget about, any …

The Lost is Found 
When a Pastor is assigned to a rural community, it is especially challenging to find their parishioners just from an address alone. We were well aware …

It's My Birthday 
I came up with this pastor appreciation idea a couple years ago. Our pastor doesn't get paid for the hard work he does and the time he contributes to the …

Pie Of The Month Club 
For Pastor Appreciation this year we 'enrolled' him into a 'club' we knew would be his favorite!!! The Pie of the Month Club. Our Minister loves homemade …

Pastors Encouragement Jar 
My pastor had been feeling the pressure of the ministry for a while. Now it was time for us to appreciate him but he felt like it was no big deal so he …

Appreciation Day Parade! 
We have been involved in several Pastor Appreciation days and change things each year. However, I believe the most meaningful one for our pastor was the …

Pounding Your Pastor 
We did this at our church a while ago. First we took time to find out some of our pastor's favorite foods, snacks, etc. Then we contacted the congregation …

"A Night in The Islands" 
For our Pastor Appreciation Idea.... We transform our Church Royalty room into a night of Island fun. Our congregation is made up of Bahamian, Jamaician, …

Mini Vacations 
I think that an all expense paid mini vacation for your pastor to a Bed & Breakfast fairly close to home for a couple of days is a great pastor appreciation …

We Love Our Pastor 
The Women's Mission decided to make Pastor Appreciation a weekend affair. On Saturday we had a picnic in the park. Sunday we surprised him by wearing, …

Top 10 List 
My idea for Pastor Appreciation Day is one we plan to use this year. It is based on David Letterman's Top Ten List. I have been saving things to use …

Dry Cleaning Gift Certificate for Pastors Birthday  Not rated yet
Hello I love your website, my Pastor's Birthday is next week, I was led like you said to not give cash, because I know he would use it for personal bills …

Crown The Man Of The Word Not rated yet
I feel we should crown our Pastor at church and give him honor from common people that know Pastor but that have no title. One special person would get …

A Month with Letters of Appreciation Not rated yet
Every day for one month the pastor gets one letter by an anonymous brother or sister with the sentence, "Thank you for your service am praying for you." …

A Basket of Love = Appreciation Not rated yet
Get A Big Basket Put a Bible, book marks, high lighters, notebooks, pens & pencils. Get a bottle of men's cologne, and a bottle of women's cologne. …

Sunday Dinner Not rated yet
A team of people should set a goal of obtaing 52 complimentary dinners for two at upscale local restaurants and give them to the Pastor so that he can …

Patio Make-over Not rated yet
Our pastor often mentioned in his messages that he spent lots of his "quiet time with God" on his patio early in the morning. Although the patio was a …

Pastor Appreciation Scrapbook Not rated yet
We gave each family a 3 x 5 sheet of card stock and asked them to write a note of appreciation to our pastor and his wife. I collected them and put them …

After you've submitted your own idea for our pastor appreciation contest, read some more ideas here.

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