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Church Fundraising Ideas

Before planning a church activity, these days, we often find ourselves asking if we can afford it. It's no secret that money is tight almost everywhere. That's why many people are turning to church fundraising ideas to collect the needed funds.

But if you spend even a little time searching the web for church fundraising ideas you'll quickly learn that there are hundreds - if not thousands - of sites touting the latest and greatest church fund raiser. But who really wants to sell pizzas that taste like cardboard or popcorn that is more like box packaging material than something edible? And does anyone really want to buy a roll of Christmas rapping paper for five dollars when they can get three rolls for a dollar at their local store?

There are a lot of church fund raising ideas out there - unfortunately, though, there aren't very many good ones.

How do you tell a good church fund raiser from a bad one? Read my guidelines here.

My Suggestions

The church fundraising ideas listed below are my own suggestions. They are consistent with the guidelines I discuss here. [LINK] But most important, these church fund raising ideas won't hinder your church's overall mission: in other words, they won't give you a reputation as a church looking to earn a quick buck without providing something of value in return.

  • Take donations on your church web site. People can't always get to church to give their offering and sometimes they just aren't comfortable putting money in an offering plate. So if you allow people to give money directly to the church through your church web site you will make it more convenient for a lot of people. And many churches discover that giving increases when this church fundraising idea is added. All you have to do is sign up for an account at PayPal, follow the instructions to create a "Donate" button, then copy and pase the HTML code to your church web site. That's all there is to it!
  • Use affiliates on your church web site. Many online companies will pay you a commission for the business you refer to them through your web site. is a good example. Sign up for their affiliate program, create special links on their site, copy the code and paste it into your church web site. When people click the links on your site and make a purchase at , you receive a commission. The books I have in my "bookstore" are examples of affiliate links. Encourage people to click on your links before they make purchases.
  • Affiliate Masters Course Book

    Not sure about signing up as an affiliate? Are you new to earning commissions like this? Or do you just want a little more information? The best resource I know for learning about affiliate income is the Affiliate Masters Course by Ken Evoy. No matter where you are on your journey to internet income, this FREE guide will help put more in your pocket. Either click the book to the left to open the book immediately, or right click and download the book to your computer.

  • Sign up for store rewards cards.Grocery and department stores often offer rewards cards to encourage people to shop at their stores. When you make a purchase at their store the clerk scans your card and a small percentage of your purchase is credited to your church. Your church must first create an account at the store. Then when people sign up to receive a card they will indicate that they want their rewards to go to your church. People already shop at these stores... why not take advantage of these rewards cards!
  • Sell T-shirts and sweatshirts with your church logo on them. Get the word out about your church by wearing it on your shirt! There are many different ways you can use this idea. Sell t-shirts and sweatshirts with your church name and logo. Or, make t-shirts with the words, "We Love Our Pastor," or have all the kids in the youth group wear shirts with a silly picture of your Youth Pastor. CafePress

    offers an easy way to create your own shirts. Charge a few dollars more than you pay for the shirts and you'll raise money while telling the world about your church.

    Shop or Create What's on Your Mind at CafePress

  • Create and sell church picture calendars. Use pictures of your church building, congregation, and ministries to create a unique calendar. VistaPrint makes this easy too. Upload your digital photographs and you'll have your calendars in no time. Charge a little more for the calendars than what you pay and you can easily raise some money for a project or event.

    FREE 2010 Photo Calendar

  • Create and sell church cookbooks. This church fundraising idea is used frequently by organizations because it is so perfect. At you can completely customize your cookbook... even add pictures.
  • Design and sell church history photo books. This is one of my favorite church fundraising ideas. The easy-to-use tools and complete instructions at

    make it simple and fun. Choose the style of book, upload your pictures, add your words, and Picaboo

    will send you as many photo books as you want. This would be perfect to record your church history, do an annual yearbook for your church, or a special pastor appreciation book. These photo books are keepsakes that people will be proud to own.



There are of course the time-honored church fundraisers: car wash, auctions, rummage sale, cookoff contest, pancake breakfast, etc. And those are used over and over because they work well. But I prefer to be a little more creative and that's why I make the suggestions I do above.

If you use one of these church fundraising ideas, would you let me know how it goes? Your success story might encourage others as they try to raise funds for their project or pastor appreciation event.

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