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Pastor Spencer T. O'Neal

I truly do appreciate the growth I have obtained under the leadership of Pastor Spence. He loves the Lord, is an awesome teacher of God's Word, is transparent,

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Pastor Robert L. Scott, Jr.

Pastor Robert L. Scott, Jr. has a passion for God’s Word and a tremendous love for God’s people. He is the senior pastor of Nathaniel Baptist Church, Centreville,

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Shekinah Ranch - Colorado

Away for the Battle; Alone with the Lord Shekinah Ranch is a place for rest, restoration, and fellowship with God in the beauty and quietness of the Rocky

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C.David Harrison

Pastor Harrison has been a true servant! He wears many hats. He's at Bible study, prayer meetings, funerals, births. He supports his members along with

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Pastor Carlton L. Hogue

Pastor Hogue, You are so dear, loving and understanding. You care about your flock. Your singing, preaching the word, teaching and the personal touch

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The Parsonage House - New York

The demands of Christian ministry in the 21st century can be all consuming if you let it. Pastors, ministry leaders and their families are hard pressed

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My Dad says:

Sunday mornings I had the 4-6 year old's class at Fairbanks the Church of Christ in Alaska. It was a winter Sunday and the roads and driveways were a

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Lost Keys

I recall this incident that happened to me while preparing a sermon on Matt. 16:18-19. We had a wonderful morning service and I had to prepare for the

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Pastor Orlando D. Franklin

My Pastor is: A man who teaches the word of God, the word of truth that gives the people power...the power of love...the love of God! A man who not only

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Spruce Lake Retreat - Pennsylvania

Creating open space to refresh mind, body and spirit is a healing practice God intended all to experience for their well-being, including busy pastors!

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