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Rest and Receive - Wisconsin

Lovely Peaceful Cabin on Horseshoe Lake in northern Wisconsin. A place to rest with the Lord, be fed and pampered by your gracious Hosts and receive from

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Bishop Zachary Neal Hicks

I give God all the Glory for my Bishop and pastor Zachary Neal Hicks, who in spite of his status and position as a Bishop has a servant's heart and not

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Pastor David & Raquel Armbrister

I Thank God for my pastors, there was once a time I was spiritually dead and had a one way ticket to hell. My pastors saved my life, they not only teach

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My First Home Wedding!

I had only been in the ministry for a short time, pastoring a small church in a little town. I had only done one church wedding and it had gone pretty

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I'll Teach You (alias ME) a Lesson!

This happened when I was a little girl growing up in a little Independent Baptist Church in the South. We were all seated on those uncushioned pews shoulder

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Camp Victory, Alabama

Camp Victory is located in Southern Alabama just a few miles from the Florida state line. We offer a cottage on our camp lake to ministers and their families.

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The Goodness of God

A sweet little old lady in our congregation was testifying about how good God is. Without God she said, We wouldn't have any sunshine. And we wouldn't

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Pastor Norena Welcome-Goins

Elect Lady Norena, You are an amazing woman of God! You truly are a Pastor, Servant, Leader! I am so grateful for you and your family! I thank God

Continue reading "Pastor Norena Welcome-Goins"

The Writing Minister (online seminar)

Greetings! I am Denise George, wife of Dr. Timothy George, Beeson Divinity School. I am the author of 31 nonfiction books published by traditional publishers.

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Bishop Todd Carson

My name is Elder Derek Stewart. I'm a member of Authentic Church of New Jersey. I have known this mighty man of Faith and Power for over 15 years and have

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