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Help for Pastors

The purpose of is to provide help for pastors by encouraging and equipping congregations to better support and minister to their shepherds. My hope is that churches will be able to help their leaders avoid pastor burnout.

I think we can confidently characterize the situation today as an epidemic: an epidemic of exhausted pastors, hurting pastors, wounded pastors, abused pastors, burned out pastors, and pastors leaving the ministry altogether. As I noted elsewhere, 1,500 pastors leave their current ministries each month due to conflict, exhaustion, moral failure, burnout, and other such problems (according to Ken Sande of Peacemaker Ministries).

There are, of course, many reasons for our current crisis of ministry. In fact, as I've reflected over the years on the situation I've come to believe that our crisis is a perfect storm of many factors combined. There are psychological, personality, theological, sociological, and spiritual issues all swirling together to form a torrent that bears down upon our often optimistic and even idealistic spiritual leaders. Many of these unsuspecting shepherds are searching for help for pastors. But where do they turn?

My desire is that hurting pastors can simply turn to their congregations for encouragement, support, comfort, and strength. But for that to happen, Christians need to be educated about the nature of pastoral ministry, about the inherent challenges, and about how they can best provide help for pastors.

So in addition to all the other information and resources here on I am assembling a series of articles and resources that will help Christians better understand, encourage, support, and partner with their pastors. That is, these resources and articles will assist you in providing help for pastors.

Help for Pastors Articles

Pastoral Support Resources - Are you looking for pastoral support resources, services, organizations, or ministries? This is the place to find them... and to submit information about a ministry you represent.

Pastoral Care for the Pastor - Pastor Steve Johnson asks the question, Who Provides Pastoral Care for the Pastor?

How can you best support and encourage your pastor? Here are some great ways to get started.

Find a Better Pastor - Dr. Rich Frazer explains how you can find a better pastor if you don't like the one you have now.

How to Pray for Your Pastor - In this article I suggest some practical ways you can pray for your pastor.

Moses and Pastoral Leadership - Pastor Lance Ward discusses what we should really value in our pastoral leaders.


I'll be adding more articles and resources in the near future. So please check back occasionally so that you can better learn how to provide help for pastors.

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