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Pastor Appreciation Songs

As far as I know, few songs have been written specifically as pastor appreciation songs. However, I do know of some that might help you honor your pastor during a clergy appreciation service.

This song is hilarious. And it's destined to become a classic.

This song isn't specifically a pastor appreciation song. But, as the video shows, a little creativity turned Chris Rice's song, "Go Light Your World," into a beautiful tribute to pastors.

An old favorite that would work great as an appreciation song is by Ray Boltz. The song is, “Thank You.” I also wrote a pastor appreciation skit that goes with this song.

I did find a song that I’m pretty sure was written for a pastor. It is a song sung by Twila Paris, called, “Jesus in You.” You can find it on her “Where I Stand” music CD. The song is written to encourage a young pastor in ministry and so would make a perfect appreciation song for a pastor.

Twila Paris also sings a song called, “Faithful Friend,” that might be appropriate as a pastor appreciation song. As the title suggests, it is a song about good friends. However, you could adjust that with a brief introduction to the song before you sing. You can find this song on the “Where I Stand” music CD.

If Christian Gospel music is more the style for your church, you might consider the old song by William Gaither, “The Family of God.” You can find this song in many hymnbooks. Before you sing you might need to explain how this song is appropriate as a pastor appreciation song. But I think the connection will be clear.

Are you looking for a clergy appreciation song more out on the edge? I think I’ve found something that might be perfect. One of the unspoken questions on many pastor’s minds is, “What would people think if they really knew my most secret sins? Would they still support and love me? Or would they think less of me or even leave the church?”

This is the question at the heart of a song sung by Third Day, entitled, “Wire.” The song is on their CD, "Wire."This song isn’t for everyone, and probably isn’t appropriate for most pastor appreciation services. It is definitely Christian Rock. But the message is powerful. And if you follow the song with a promise from the congregation to unconditionally love and support your pastor, this could be the perfect pastor appreciation gift.

Pastor appreciation songs can be a great way to honor your pastor during a clergy appreciation service … or at any time. As you prepare your service, you might also want to consider a

pastor appreciation skit, a sermon, and a gift.

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