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How Can I Support My Pastor?

How do I support my pastor? That's the primary question that drives most people to visit this web site. They want to know how they can encourage their pastors. You want to know what to say and do in order to help your pastor.

And so that's the central issue I try to address here. On these pages you'll find ideas, resources, and advice on how to support and encourage your pastor.

Here are a few thoughts and ideas to get you started.

Plan a Special Event

As you address the question, "How can I best support my pastor," I suggest that you begin now to plan a special celebration event. You could have a "Pastor Appreciation Sunday," or celebrate the anniversary of when he or she first became your pastor. Or, do it for no particular reason at all. Just do it!

Why Support My Pastor?

I really shouldn't be surprised, but I am. At least once or twice a week I receive an email asking why we should do anything special for our pastors. After all, we pay them a salary. Isn't that enough?

If you are asking that question... or trying to answer it for someone, read these articles:

Thank You

I am constantly amazed at the number of people who daily visit this web site. It's encouraging to know that so many people from all over the world are trying to encourage and appreciate their pastors. I'm honored to play a small part in helping people better support their pastors.

Take a look at these 52 ways to "support my pastor."

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