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About My Pastor

My Pastor (this web site - not my actual pastor) is the product of my own life experience. I am a pastor. I have a bible school diploma and a seminary degree. I served churches in a large city, a college town, and in a rural farm community. I’ve been a senior pastor, an Interim Pastor, and a Pastoral Intern. I’ve done funerals for the aged and for babies, preached thousands of sermons, and performed many weddings. I have succeeded in ministry. I have failed in ministry.

However, I am also a layman... a regular guy in the church pew. I have a college degree in business. I have directed quality, safety, and employee orientation programs at a large corporation. I’ve sold insurance. I’ve driven a forklift. I put myself through college by cleaning apartments and restrooms.

I was in ministry for exactly half of my adult life. I was in business for the other half.

I served on a pastor search committee and I was the pastor being searched for. I helped plan pastor appreciation events, and I was the one being appreciated.

In short, I’ve seen and lived life on both sides of the pulpit... in the parsonage and out. Because of this, I think I have a somewhat unique perspective on the relationship between a pastor and a congregation.

My Pastor – The Fruit of My Experience

I learned three things about the relationship between a pastor and his congregation.

  • Church congregations as a whole genuinely appreciate their pastors.
  • Church congregations as a whole want to be better sources of support and encouragement to their pastors.
  • Church congregations as a whole want to better understand the challenges their pastors face.

I started My Pastor because of those three things. So I really want this web site to do three corresponding things.

  • Encourage congregations to continue their support and encouragement of their pastors.
  • Provide ideas and resources to help congregations better support and encourage their pastors.
  • Help congregations better understand their pastors and the lives they lead.

I hope that you find on the pages of My Pastor helpful ideas and resources to help you better support and encourage your pastor.

I'd love to hear from you... your suggestions, thoughts, and comments. Contact Me to share your thoughts.

Dan Sherman
Michigan, USA

Once a month (or so) I send out an email newsletter (ezine) called, "My-Pastor Minute." Each issue includes a practical way you can show your pastor appreciation, a unique pastor gift idea, a brief thought or article about pastors and their families, and an update on what's new here at My Pastor.

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