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Gifts from Israel
Gifts that Connect To
The Holy Land

Gifts from Israel will show your pastor he is appreciated because Israel is the land he is constantly studying: it’s his second home. Having a gift come from Israel will be like having a little piece of the Holy Land.

Israel, of course, is full of rich tradition, dynamic culture, and a tumultuous history. It’s home to the lowest place on earth: the Dead Sea. So it is appropriate that I offer cleansing and beauty products directly from the Dead Sea. It’s home to the ruins of the ancient temple, so I offer reproductions of what was used during bible times. Other items offered below are a variety of gifts from Israel. Browse leisurely and enjoy the history of the land of Moses, the prophets, and Jesus.

Dead Sea Gifts from Israel

The Dead Sea is the home to salt. I have been there and floated in the water that is so dense with salt that when you go into the water, you are held up by the salt itself. You do not sink, your legs and arms float. It is a very odd experience. This salt is extracted from the water and other resources in order to produce cleansing, beauty, and lotion products. This is one of the most unique gifts from Israel.

Temple Gifts from Israel

Much of the history and tradition of the temple was lost when the Romans destroyed the temple in 70 AD. But we know enough to be able to recreate some of the items used in the temple.

Gifts from Israel Related to Jesus

From a crown of thorns to a miniature water pot (celebrating the changing of water to wine), these gifts are all related to Jesus.

Various Gifts from Israel

I didn’t really put these gifts into any single category. There are just too many to sort out like that. So I give you here a variety of Israel gifts.

Gifts from Israel Conclusion

I hope this walk down the historical lane provided you with some interesting finds. And I hope you found your pastor gifts from Israel.

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