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Church Fund Raiser

Guidelines for Choosing the Best

One of the biggest problems people have with church is that "they are always asking for money." So when a congregation does a church fund raiser it has to be careful to not turn people off. That's not always easy when many of the most popular church fundraising ideas involve selling products that you would never choose to buy at your local store. The quality is low and the price is high. That makes it a hard sell and frequently adds to people's perceptions about church.

So if I were a member of your church fund raiser committee, I'd recommend that you follow a few basic guidelines.

Church Fund Raising Guidelines

  • Make sure the product or service you are selling is high quality. Would you want your mother to pay for this product or service at your local supermarket? Would you buy this if you had other options? If not, choose something else.
  • The company who provides the products must be reliable. Ask around, read reviews online... make sure the companies you work with are reputable - provide a good product, good service, all in a timely manner.
  • Make sure you are earning enough money to make the effort worth while. The service you perform might be excellent or the product might be perfect. But if you are only making five percent commission you are not spending your time wisely. Choose products or services that offer the highest return for the least amount of effort.
  • Don't do anything that might hinder the gospel message. I mean that you should never sell a product or perform a service if the reputation of Jesus or your church will be hurt in any way. That is more important than any fund raiser.


Use these thoughts as guidelines rather than black and white rules. They will help you as you choose from the best church fund raiser ideas.

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