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Appreciation Day Parade!

by Rebecca Morris
(Fairfield, CA)

We have been involved in several Pastor Appreciation days and change things each year. However, I believe the most meaningful one for our pastor was the year by some miracle it was kept secret. When it was time for the "surprise" the choir sang the chorus, Heavenly Father We Appreciate You, only we changed the words "Heavenly Father" to PASTOR _____.

That was his first clue that there was something going on. This was followed by a parade with balloons included. Each department head was introduced as if in front of the "judges stand" at the parade and they made a brief presentation from their department. Each gift/presentation was something representative from that department, (for example, a tee shirt from the Royal Rangers, etc.).

Our pastor's wife was not left out either as the women's ministries department presented her with lovely flowers and a basket full of "surprises" just for her.

We involved everyone by including all the departments and then we took a special love offering for our pastor. This was an awesome day!

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Just a Sheep of the Congergation
by: Joyce

Do you honor the other pastoral staff such as the associate pastor, youth pastor, or children's minister?

ANSWER: I think it is appropriate to honor each of your pastors - whether you have one or many.

-Dan Sherman -

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