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The Lost is Found

by Glenda Lindteigen
(Douglass, KS )

When a Pastor is assigned to a rural community, it is especially challenging to find their parishioners just from an address alone. We were well aware of how many times our pastor got lost out in the boonies trying to find a particular house of a parishioner. From this repeated dilemma, we came up with the idea to give our pastor a GPS. This has solved the problem of wandering in circles getting nowhere, not to mention the frustration and time wasted trying to get where they want to go. We gave every one in the congregation a chance to contribute toward purchasing a GPS.

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Great Idea!
by: Vickey

Our church is in a rural community also. Directions to a member's house are usually a little hard to follow such as turn left at the house with the big propane tank in the front...go past two hay fields and turn right...etc. A GPS would be a much appreciated gift!

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