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Pounding Your Pastor

by Theresa Langenberg
(Cadillac, MI )

We did this at our church a while ago. First we took time to find out some of our pastor's favorite foods, snacks, etc. Then we contacted the congregation and asked them to "pound" our Pastor by buying "pounds" of food to fill their pantry and freezer. We also made a point to get some of their favorite snacks and goodies. With the economy the way it is, this is a real blessing to our pastor and their family. It also gives them some of the things they can not buy because they have needs that come before wants.

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Pounding is a needful idea!
by: Pastor Steve Swaggerty

More Churches need to do this. You don't hardly hear of this anymore. In fact, a lot of people won't know what your talking about. This is the right thing to do. We must take care of the men of God!

Thanks for sharing this!

Pastor Steve

I Like This

GOOD IDEA! I would like some information to do this for my pastor.

Pound The Pastor
by: Anonymous

Great Idea!~ I will try this for our Pastor & Wife Anniversary. Thanks

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