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Pastor's Kids Gifts

Pastor's kids gifts do double duty: they provide joy for the kids and they also encourage your pastor and his wife. Here are a couple thoughts to help you find perfect preacher kids gifts.

1) Be creative. Use your knowledge of each of the children's likes and dislikes.

2) Don't single the kids out in front of the church. They already feel different from all the other children.

3) Don't give them "religious" items. Church dominates their lives already. They just want to have "normal" childhood experiences.

Below are some ideas for Pastor's kids's Gifts.

Ideas for Pastor's Kids Gifts


  • Greeting cards

    - Kid's enjoy receiving mail...especially mail that says someone is thinking about them.

  • Movie tickets gift card

    - ask their parents first.

  • Take them with your family to the beach.
  • .

  • Gift certificates to a clothing store like Aeropostale


  • Pay for music lessons.
  • Have different senior citizens in the church "adopt" each child. They promise to pray daily for their adoptee, seek them out on Sunday for a special greeting, and occasionally give them gifts and/or cards.
  • Pay for summer camp.
  • Pay for karate or gymnastics lessons.
  • Upgrade the family computer.
  • High speed internet
  • Playstation


    , or Nintendo

    or a Wii

    - even if it is your child's old game system. If they already have a game system, buy them a gift card to GameStop

    so they can buy a game.

  • Toys

  • Swing set, sand box, "tree" house
  • Gift cards for the video store.
  • Board games

  • Bicycles
  • Pay to have them visit friends who live far away.
  • Pay the airfare so they can visit grandma and grandpa or a favorite aunt and uncle.
  • Get a group of people in the church to "adopt" a pastor's kid who's away at college. Pray for them daily. Send care packages and greeting cards.
  • This goes without saying, but you can buy your pastor's kids toys


  • Be creative. And remember...the only bad gift is no gift at all. PK gifts are a simple way to encourage your entire pastor's family.

    If you're looking for more than pastor's kids gifts, try these ideas.

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