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Pastor Gift Ideas

The pastor gift ideas listed below are just some thoughts to help you get creative. The best pastor gifts are ones that are personal – that show you know their needs and that you care.

I am particularly proud of my partnership with the Jewish National Fund. They are working to re-forest many parts of Israel. War and drought have robbed the country of much of it's natural beauty. JNF is restoring it to it's former condition. Honor your pastor by buying trees to be planted in Israel.

Plant Trees in Israel

Restore the natural beauty of Israel in honor of your pastor. Plant trees in Israel in your pastor's name.

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Pastor Gift Ideas for the Entire Family

What does your pastor's family like to do for fun?

  • Bowling gift certificate
  • Pizza or other restaurant gift certificate
  • State park vehicle sticker
  • Miniature golf certificate
  • Loan them your camper, RV, or boat
  • Movie Tickets

  • Prepare a picnic lunch (call first)
  • State or County fair tickets
  • Loan them your timeshare
  • High speed internet
  • Theme park tickets

Clergy Gift Ideas for Both the Pastor and His Spouse

Pastor Gift Ideas

Buy pastor gifts that he would buy if he had the money.

Simple Pastor Gift Ideas

Simple gifts are great for giving any time...for no special reason!

Practical Pastor Gift Ideas

Sometimes giving a pastor and his family what they need is the best pastor gift of all.

  • A side of beef
  • Pay a utility bill
  • Borrow the pastor's car and have the oil changed
  • Take some buckets and a vacuum over to the pastor's house and wash and clean out their car
  • Mow the pastor's lawn (unless he prefers to do it himself)
  • Printer ink
  • Tires for his car
  • Seal his driveway
  • Put a new roof on his house
  • Replace a broken window
  • Diapers for a new baby
  • Pay for a new suit or dress
  • Pay for the kid's music lessons
  • Pay the fees for the kid's summer sports activities (soccer, baseball, softball, etc.)
  • Pay for the kids to attend summer camp
  • A gas card

Extravagant Pastor Gifts

High priced gifts are not necessary. But if your church can afford it this kind of pastor gift can benefit both your pastor and your church.

  • Pay for travel to the Holy Land, Israel.
  • Send your pastor and his wife on a cruise.
  • Send your pastor and his wife to visit your church's missionaries on the field (don’t count this as vacation).
  • Purchase airfare so the family can go some place special for vacation.
  • Pay for the pastor's wife to go visit friends or family.
  • Rent for them a sports or luxury car for a few days.

You'll probably want to read the entire list, but I have to say that my all-time favorite gift idea is... well, read this. Here's a hint:

Picture Book


I hope these ideas spark your imagination. Remember, the best pastor gift ideas are those that you put a little of yourself into.

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