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Pastor Rickie Rush

by Kiy
(Dallas, TX, USA)

When Jesus told Peter go and feed my sheep, I believe that He knew of the extreme grief that Peter experienced and that through that extreme grief he (Peter)endured, he would relate to many and draw GOD's children.

Pastor Rush, who is completely Holy Spirit inspired, experienced much sorrow in his younger years, however, he has taught the WORD of GOD with simplicity, which kept me as a member. I have gained an understanding of so many areas in living this Christ-like life that I am grateful that GOD saw me worthy enough to be a member of IBOC. As the Under Shepherd, Pastor Rush, Inspiring Body of Christ Church Dallas, TX, I have not only listened to, but have observed the consistency of the kindness, compassion and love that he displays towards members of the congregation, but most of all to the children in the congregation.

I have had a lot of sorrow in my life. My life didn't make any sense to me. I carried much of the pain from my childhood to my adulthood, hoping that things would change for me. After many suicidal attempts, the loss of family and friends, rejection, betrayal, abandonment, divorce, constant and consistent pain was inevitable to me. I just expected it all the time. Through the simple teaching of the WORD of GOD, the Holy Spirit, through Pastor Rickie G. Rush gave me hope.

Thank you Pastor Rush for allowing yourself to continue to be used

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