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Jul 18, 2012
Pastor Rickie Rush
by: John Minja

My family and I we thank you very much for your warm welcome into your magnificent church.We attended your church in the summer of 2010 and the warmth of the congregation and yourself was beyond comprehension.The Holly Spirit was manifested and presence of God was felt every part of the church.We loved the mass choir,their wonderful songs penetrated our souls.We love you and all the members of your church,and may God bless you all.May I remind you who we are.We were the Minja family, comprising of Mr.John Minja,Mrs Gladys Minja,Sons Mr and Mrs Bernard Minja,their two children and lastly Mr. Elijah.We are Tanzanians from East Africa.Bernard and his family live in Dallas and they do attend your church sometimes.We took picture with you in the church,some are in the face book.We love you and we miss you so much pastor,may God bless exceedingly abundantly above and beyond.Amen

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