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Pastor Poems

Pastor poems can say, "I appreciate you" in a way that a handshake and a gift never can. Think of these poems as a way to give your pastor a "literary hug."

Depending on how you plan to use pastor poetry, you may also want to look at pastor appreciation poems , pastor anniversary poems, or pastor's wife poems.

Any of these poems might work well as a poem for pastor appreciation day.


Your burden is heavy,
You serve both day and night.

Your words are so gentle,
Your life is full of grace.

You watch over my soul,
And pray God's best for me.

How can I but thank you,
For you God gave to me.

by Daniel Sherman

Thank You

This pastor poem says, "Thank you," for the gentle way our pastors walk with us through good times and bad.

For all the times you walked with me
And gently held my hand,
The times you stopped to answer why,
To help me learn and understand.
Each time I fall or stumble, you
Reach out to me and lift me up to stand.
You are there in good times,
Even though I forget to thank you.
You are there in bad times,
To pick me up and see me through.
Thank you Pastor for being there
To make each day brand new.

by Judy Crowe

A Gift

This pastor poem was submitted to me by a reader as a dedication to his pastor.

To you my pastor I give a gift
It is a treat so sweet that you can not eat it
It is a rock so solid that the ocean water can not wither it

For this gift is like no other
It can heal the sick from hurting again
It can make the blind man see again
It can make the handicap walk again

For this gift is like no other
It is stronger then the oceans currents
It is more fragile then bubbles
It is brighter then the stars
It is deeper then the solar systems

To you my pastor I give you this:

“Thank you, and God bless you!”

by Gus Brown 2009
In dedication to Pastor Carlos Garfel

For You I Pray

This pastor poem will let your pastor know that you pray for him daily. That in itself is perhaps the best pastor appreciation of all!

In my prayer for you I pray
That God will bless you in a special way.
Your precious smile, your warm handshake,
Your words of concern, my day does make.
For this my friend I say: Thank you.

In my prayer for you I pray;
That in your life, God has His way,
That, as you go from task to task,
For what you need, in faith you'll ask.
For this my friend, I say: Bless you.

In my prayer for you I pray;
That in your trials, you'll pray
For guidance clear and wisdom dear,
And the Lord's presence ever near.
For this my friend, I say: I care.

In my prayer for you I pray;
That your life be touched in a special way
And that our friendship means as much
As our lives made happy by the Master's touch.
For this my friend, I say: Praise the Lord.

by Judy Crowe

Pastor Disaster

This pastor appreciation poem is a tongue in cheek comment about the insightful wisdom our shepherd's possess.

I have come for advice from my Pastor. It has really been quite a disaster. When I told him of all who had wronged me, I expected a little sympathy. After listening so well, for what seemed a long spell, he just told me to mimic the Master.

by Daniel Sherman

If You Hadn't Told Me

What would your Christian life be like without the influence of your pastor? Would you even be a Christian? This pastor poem reminds us of the important role our pastors have in our lives.

If you hadn't told me
About a man who died for me,
How he walked the road to Calvary,
Then where, in the world, would I be?

If you hadn't showed me
The words that he spoke to me,
The love that came so easily,
Then where, in the world, would I be?

If you hadn't loved me
Enough to witness to me,
How Jesus died to set me free,
Then where, in the world, would I be?

If you hadn't told me
How his blood was shed for me,
How from sin, I am set free,
Then where, in the world, would I be?

by Judy Crowe

Proud to call you my Pastor

This pastor appreciation poem was submitted by a reader from Atlanta Georgia.

A man who teaches the word of God,
the word of truth that gives the people power...
the power of love....the love of God!

A man who not only hugs the sheep, but
touches the heart of his flock.
The sheep know his voice and are blessed by his presence.

A man who teaches the medicinal benefits of laughter, and the financial benefits of giving.

A man whose singing brings light into dark places,
and pierces the heart into conviction.
A man whose smile actually means " I love you",
A man whose eyes say " I'm praying for you"
A man whose lessons from the pulpit make you jump up and say I can take on the world, bring it on!

A man who everyone has heard of, most people know, who many people want, but we have him! because he chose to stay our shepherd...

A man I appreciate and love, and who I am proud to call "My Pastor"!

by Cynthia Ogletree
Atlanta, Georgia USA

My Pastor Knows

Sometimes it seems that our pastors can see right through us. This pastor poem shows our thankfulness for a pastor who knows us, sees us for who we really are, and yet loves us.

When life seems to leave me sad
And every little thing seems to go bad,
I have someone who really shows
He cares, yes my Pastor knows.

When Satan comes and tempts me sore
And it seems I can take no more,
I have someone who really shows
He cares, yes my Pastor knows.

When I might stumble and nearly fall
And when I need help and fail to call,
I have someone who really shows
He cares, yes my Pastor knows.

When I become weak and ready to quit
And other things look good, I must admit,
I have someone who really shows
He cares, yes my Pastor knows.

There's always things to bring me down
And I could always be seen with a frown,
But I have someone who really shows
He cares, yes my Pastor knows.

by Judy Crowe

I hope these pastor poems help you show your pastor appreciation to the shepherd God gave to your church. Read more pastor poems here.

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