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Pastor Anniversary Poems

Pastor anniversary poems are a great way to say, "Thank you" to your pastor for another year of faithful ministry in your church. You can use them in greeting cards, put them on PowerPoint slides, or print them in your church bulletin.

Depending on how you intend to use them, you might also want to consider pastor appreciation poems , pastor's wife poems , or pastor poems.

Silver Memories Lined With Gold

This pastor anniversary poem was specifically written for a pastor's 25th anniversary at the author's church. However, you can easily substitute the appropriate number of years so you can use it for your pastor's anniversary.

When you came to us, we were unsure,
With all of our needs, would you endure?
There has to be times you wanted to quit,
But the Lord said "No, stick around a bit."

That bit of time, well it came and it went.
Because we needed a pastor, you were sent.
We have been through good times and bad,
But you stuck around and that makes us glad.

We share 25 years of wonderful memories here,
And all of them in ourhearts, we hold dear.
You have been our pastor, our guide, and friend.
Your wisdom is so helpful as on God you depend.

It has been 25 years of good times and bad,
Most of them were happy, but some were sad.
Some of us have gone on to be with the Lord,
But we are still here with rivers to ford.

We will have trials and storms to go through,
But you have been there and shown us what to do.
Our prayers each day include you as we pray,
And we must give thanks for you each day.

Now, may the Lord be with you all of your days
And continue to use you as you give Him praise.
We love and appreciate you for all you have done
As we look back in wonder, where have the years gone?

by Judy Crowe

Love Remains

This pastor anniversary poem speaks of the enduring love between a pastor and his congregation.

Happiness grows as each year passes
And trials test the love that will grow.

Pleasures of the heart remain a treasure,
Perhaps a memory of some time ago.

Yesterday's joys are your heart's treasure
And love remains to guard the store.

Now and then we are reminded,
It is love (the key) that unlocks the door.

Vivid are the scenes of days gone by,
Each thought, a page from the past,

Reminding us that God guides our path and
Yielding to His will, our love will last.

by Judy Crowe

I hope these pastor anniversary poems will help you thank and encourage your pastor after another year of faithful ministry in your church.

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