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Dr. Ed Carney

by Elizabeth A. Smith
(Columbia SC)

My Pastor is the coolest I have ever had. He is a friend but also someone who puts you at ease. You don't feel like your talking to "the Pastor" but someone who is another human like you.

He preaches the best messages in a kind manner added with a sense of humor and practicality. He tells the truth but does not bash people over the head.

He has God's power on his life and can capture an audience with thousands of people of different ages and backgrounds.

The thing that I like most about my Pastor is the encouraging things he has said to me in the past. He has pointed out different talents that I have that I didn't even see.

I also like it that he puts up with me. I have often showed up unexpected and he makes a few minutes to talk with me. He shows interest when he asks, "So, How is school going"?

Before I go I will mention one more thing that my Pastor does that sets him apart from others. He teaches self defense for women and teens. How cool is that?

I hope he will be encouraged when he reads this tribute. I hope others will add comments to let him know how much they appreciate his dedication and service.

Thank you for everything you do,

Elizabeth A. Smith

P.S. If any of you reading this would like to listen to one of his messages you can go to
Happy Listening:) You will learn much!

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