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Oct 18, 2011
Dr. Carney doesn't sugar coat, he's honest!
by: Debbie Coutant

I recall a personal conversation Dr. Carney had with my husband and I, that was a scolding I needed! He told me to put aside my fear of my purpose. He reminded me how blessed I was that my purpose was revealed to me and that God wanted to use me!

Because of that conversation, I began to trust God and let Him use me without fear of failing God or making mistakes.

Through rhema (individualized God whispers while sermon is preached) I understood it wasn't me, it's God using me! All I had to do was allow Him to use me! 

Dr. Carney WILL be before our Lord in heaven one day, he will definitely hear   "well done my good and faithful servant... Come and share your Masters happiness!" ( Matt 25:21)  : )

Jul 05, 2010
Still having an impact after 20 years
by: Cindi Davidson

I have grown daughters now, one of whom is in college and is wrestling with where to be used in Ministry, and a conversation with her yesterday caused me to remember some very wise words that my pastor twenty years ago, Dr. Carney, said to me, which led me to google him, which led me to this site! I had the privilege of working on his staff at Ashley River Baptist Church in Charleston, SC, and through being in the office with him and also being there as a church member, I found him to be a friend and confidante and to have more insight and knowledge than probably any pastor I have ever had. His sincere concern for a young Navy wife/ mom like me helped me through some very hard days, and twenty years later his advice and biblical knowledge stay with me!
Thank you, Dr. Carney. I'll never forget what you did for me! Hope all is well with all your girls.

Mar 24, 2009
Thank you for all that you do Dr. Carney!
by: Kayleen Mobley

I have never visited Riverland Hills Church but if Dr. Carney is the pastor there I'm sure it is an awesome church! I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Carney at a Mother/Daughter/Friend Function at my church (Trinity Baptist) where Dr. Carney was gracious enough to be our guest speaker. He introduced us to a taste of his self defense class. He offers these classes at no charge and I just admire him for that. His desire to empower women and keep us safe against potential attackers is so great. God is using Dr. Carney in so many ways and this is truly one of them. Dr. Carney is one of those people who when you meet him you feel privileged to have had the opportunity to speak to him. When he speaks you want to hear every word he has to say!

Thank you Dr. Carney for all that you do! You may never know how many lives you impact.

Feb 19, 2009
Ed Carney-A Shepherd for All
by: Brenda and Sonny Breedlove

God does wondrous works through Ed Carney!! God has given Ed a talent for delivering His messages that makes you want to stay another hour and listen to him!!! He can relate to ALL age groups!!! He is "down to earth" and very approachable. He always gives God all the credit!!

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