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Bishop, Dr. Jan D. Goodman, Sr.

(Jacksonville , Fl )

A true pastor is God's special angel that God hand picked to care for His people. It takes a special person to deny self and take on the problems of others. Pastor's are called and chosen to be the care taker over our soul. God gave us a Lion and a Lamb all in one. Because our pastor will stand up to us, He's proven that he will stand up for us. He has a heart for people and loves deeply. He has the spirit of excellence and he brings out the very best in us. I've grown to not just another level, but I'm in another place in God because of my pastor's teaching and preaching. He has a unique way of presenting the Word. He makes it so plain that even a child couldn't misunderstand. I am humbled, grateful and blessed to be a part of "The Temple" at One Accord Ministries International, Located in Jacksonville, Florida. Words can't express how grateful I am to my heavenly Father for placing this true Man of God in my life. To God be the glory!

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