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Comments for Bishop, Dr. Jan D. Goodman, Sr.

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Jun 28, 2023
Bishop Dr. Jan D. Goodman
by: Sis. Violet Black

God has truly put Bishop Goodman, in my path. He has truly is an man of God. He will always continue to help his flock. Bishop and family will always show compassion, understanding, and love too everyone and everything he does. To have an strong mand of God you need an very strong and understanding First Lady. I will always love and care about them. My heart and faith will always be with the Goodman family. When my family needed help the Bishop and the church was there. Thank you for your patience and support always.

Sincerely yours,

Sis. Violet Black

Sis. La Tasha Fields

Jan 30, 2014
Simply The Best
by: Sis. Afreka Cohen

First I want to acknowledge the appreciation my Bishop, my Pastor extended to us as the sheep God gave to him. I want to say more times over how much I thank God for placing me under the leadership of such an awesome Man of God. Since 2007 I have done nothing less than evolve and soar higher and higher. Thank you Bishop, Dr. Jan D. Goodman, Sr. for allowing yourself to be open and submissive to the Word of God and His direction. Thanking you more for not holding it to yourself and releasing it into our lives so that we may be better men and women of God!!

Jan 29, 2014
by: bishop goodman

God loved me enough that He gave me all of you.I love you all

Nov 01, 2012
Preach, Preacher, Preach
by: Dr. Vera Goodman

WOW...what can I say! There is so much that this man of God has done for the people of God. Bishop is a faithfull leader, precher, teacher, pastor, father and husband. Many Pastor's are blessed by the powerful nuggets that God has given him. His new book is entitled "A Peice Of Me", and the nuggets in this book could only come from God! Many that hear his teaching and sermons are in awe because of his powerful presentation of the WORD. Words can not express the level of understanding that God has given him. Bishop has also been blessed with the gift of Wisdom. I am so glad and grateful that God has allowed me to go with him on this journey as his wife. I know that I have to share him with the World, but Mary had to share her son (jesus), so I can't complain. May God continue to bless Bishop with more for all of us to receive.

Aug 11, 2011
"A man after God Heart"
by: Dr. Juanita Taylor

Greeting in the name of Jesus Christ, and to my Bishop Dr. Jan D. Goodman Sr. It has been about one year and five months that God ordered my dircetions and now i placed where i should have always been and where God ordained for me to be before the world begin. Though this man of God my soul is constantly being blessed. My home at the Temple is where i am receiving the rich word of God. I thank God for placing me at the temple were i am growing spiritual and my fellowship with my new family is great. I just want to say to Bishop Goodman I thank God for you and i am glad it was in Gods plan to connect me with you at this time in my life. You are the greatest! I love you very much man of God. Thank you for being of reality. Blessings Always!

Dec 19, 2010

First giving honor an praise to God for distilling in your life the gifts of the spirit to preach and teach to a world the need ministers that are strong and stand firm on God's word to lead and guide his people into all truth and experience the presence and devine revelation of God. I thank God for your life and your love and openess to be a man God is using in these days, to direct his people in a way the word of God informs you to. Keep standing on the promises of God and Keep loving his people the way you show like no other. Great is thy faithfulness and God has great things in store for you. You are truly a blessing to me and I am truly thankful for you. Always remember that your labor is not in vain.
Much Love From Carol

Dec 18, 2010
by: The Ware Family

To Bishop Goodman first giving praise and honor to God for pouring out his anointing on your life to deliver his word to a world that truly need the word to be preach with devine simplicity to gain understand and be able to use practical application to apply God's word daily to our lives, in order to receive a revealation and experience the true love of God.
One thing I must say I thank God for ordering your steps in his word. I thank God that being under teaching and understanding of the word that God has imparted into your spirit to minister to his people,you have an open spirit, with ears to hear, eye to see and a heart to contain his word. Thanks for helping me to develope in God's word to help me to walk in my calling and destiny to live according to what God has purposed and plan for my life . I leave this with you the word says Faith come be hearing and by hearing the word of God. Also my sheep hear my voice and they follow me. So keep the FAITH knowing that God's word work by faith, and keep your spiritual ears open to hear what the Lord is saying to you to help see his people save , set free and delivered in order to know God for ourselves.
You are truly covered by the blood of Jesus so stand and keep standing for the faith.
God Bless Love The Ware Famly!

Oct 31, 2009
Truly Blessed
by: The Robinsons

We are truly blessed and honored to know a man as Bishop. We have known him for 6 years and they all have been great and filled with love. We crossed paths 1 year before joining his church (One Accord Ministries) and at that time we knew that he was truly a man of God and a lovable person. Bishop is kind, loving, supportive, giving, and most of all anointed, he truly knows the Word of God and he teaches and preaches like none other. We appreciate our Bishop for doing what God tells him and saying what God tells him to say. We love the fact that he does not sugar coat anything and gives us the Word straight from the bible but also he doesn't cut corners when he has to tell us when we have done wrong either. He keeps us on the right path and like any parent, he wants to see his children grow up and become what God wants us to be. Bishop, thanks for everything and we truly, truly, love and adore you and we thank God every night for blessing us with a man who we love dearly. Thanks for being you and you are second to none.

Love you Bishop!!!

From: Kevin, Annetra, Paris, Keon
(The Robinsons Family)

Oct 30, 2009
What you mean to me.

I just want to say that I have been around a lot of preachers and I must say that BISHOP JAN D. GOODMAN SR. TO ME IS A MAN AFTER GOD'S HEART.I am truly blessed to have a pastor as I have and I Love him truly.He is a man that gives you the word straight from the word and if you are not somewhere where they are teaching you the way to live effectively for CHRIST then I suggest you come on over to ONE ACCORD at 2971 Waller St. as soon as you exit the expressway on Mcduff ave. I love my BISHOP so much that I try to tell anyone who will listen about a man that I know who feeds you the word with such simplicity that if you don't get,then you won't get.Bishop if you read this I would just like to say that I love you so much that words can not begin to express what I feel for you.You have shown and told me through your teaching what a true man of GOD is.I give my LORD and SAVIOR all the honor and praise to be able to be in a place where you know the HOLY SPIRIT is speaking through this man of GOD. BISHOP JAN D. GOODMAN SR. I LOVE YOU

Oct 18, 2009
Bless God for you Bishop
by: Sister Manning

I thank God for that Saturday that I attended that Wealthwatcher's seminar. I not only learned how to budget my money, but I also found my spiritual home at the One Accord Temple. Since becoming a member of the "Temple", I have grown tremendously under your spiritual guidance. You are truly a man of God, you exemplify the Word. Your leadership builds leaders among us here at the "Temple". I am so blessed and honored to be a part of the anointed spirituality that flows through you touching each of us in full measure. Bless God for you Bishop and may He continually bless you.

Oct 07, 2009
You Will Never Be Forgotten
by: Miracle English

Wow! What an impact you have made in my life in such a short time. Please know what you have imparted in me will never be forgotten, for the words you have spoken have a very special part in making me grow into the woman of God I am beginning to walk as now. Thank you for always seeing the God in me even if I did not see it in myself. Keep standing on the word of God for it will never lead you wrong. Also Thanks for always being there for us when we had to minister in song, knowing our Bishop was backing us up made me very proud. Thanks for That! Big Hugggggg!

An encouraging prayer Bishop, May the glory of God rest on you as you be in His perfect will and may the Anointing of God always fall where ever you go. This day may He take you into the place in Him that you are praying for and that he will always guide you and keep you. May His peace rest upon you as you go through out the day. Never mind there faces while you do the will of God, stay focused, steadfast, planted and rooted in Him. Is my prayer- I love you and miss you! You will never be forgotten!

Love Miracle and Angel English

Oct 06, 2009
Better time than any....
by: Nikki

I figured this would be a great opportunity to tell you I love you. (I know you can never hear that enough)! Although, I am not physically there to attend service every Sunday, you are still my Pastor (and dad). I know that you have been praying for me and for that I say thank you. I see how much of a positive influence you are to others and my only prayer for you is for God to continue to bless you (and the family) more and more each day!!!

-the oldest daughter

Oct 02, 2009
What A Man
by: Dr.Tanya Brooks

Bishop, Dr. Jan D. Goodman, Sr.
My Pastor, My Brother, my friend. Almost 10 years knowing you, you have never changed. Kind, caring and stern when needed. All I know is I am not the same from where I left from(Atl) since being under your spiritual guidance. I am stronger and wiser and a little smarter too (smile).
Thank you for years of investment into my life. Thank you for supporting me even in events outside the church. Thanks for having me as a part of your family. Thank you Bishop for just being you. This is not just for today but always know, I appreciate you.
Love Always,

Oct 01, 2009
Keep Your Focus
by: Elder Billy Starke, Jr.

I truly appreciate my Pastor, Bishop Dr. Jan D. Goodman, Sr. He's one of the most humble men I have come to personally know, yet he exudes the confidence of the true man of God he is. His teachings have propelled me, my wife Sharon and my son to new understanding of the Lord Jesus and what it means to live daily in HIM!!! It's a special place to be in when you know that the Lord sent you to a man of vision, purpose, excellence, integrity, character, and commitment! Bishop Goodman truly treasures the gift of leading the Ministries at the Temple @ One Accord. The Lord opened the year with a sermon from Bishop Goodman entitled "Fully Committed". This sermon continues to register in my spirit and challenges me to examine my commitment to God and HIS purposes. I thank the Lord continuously for sending me under such an anointed and powerful servant! He truly deserves to be honored during this time and year round! I love you Bishop!

Sep 30, 2009
A true Father
by: Minister Jonathan Smith

Some times life presents you with many challenges that may cause you to forget what you have, but it is amazing when God can give you a father who focuses you to knowing the voice of God and leaving the mess behind. While Bishop Goodman did not physically give birth to me, he spiritually gave birth to what I am becoming. Not because he thinks he is all that, but he knows God and trusts what God can do. So I am honoring my pastor, Bishop Goodman for making me who I am becoming now.
He spoke into my life many times, yet the miracle of 2007 will always be the mark I hold as the greatest thing ever, when he spoke my kidney transplant October 29, 2007. To be a man of God doesn't mean he had to be at every move, but he commanded this body to line up through the Word and it agreed with the Anointing in Him. So I thank you Bishop and always know that your son sees the God in you and is Becoming because of you. I love you Sir

Sep 30, 2009
More Than A Pastor
by: Afreka gives the definition of a pastor as: a minister or priest in charge of a church; a shepherd. While so true, can't explain or give other qualities because not all pastors carry the same nor can it describe the heart of this man of God. My pastor, Bishop, Dr. Jan D. Goodman, Sr., is a jewel and goes far beyond the call of duty. Not only is he the pastor of One Accord Ministries Int'l, he is a husband, a father, a teacher, a preacher, and a friend and not in that exact order. He is one that gives us the Word as God gives it to him. A good shepherd, a good man....Bishop, Dr. Jan D. Goodman
I love you Bishop!

Sep 30, 2009
by: Katina

In a time where, I didn't even know how to love myself. You showed me how. The love with my husband has grown and with our boys. I thank you. You have been a father, a leader and a supporter that we could have never imagined of having in our lives. Thank you and First Lady for the guidance and love that you all have given to us.
The boys may not say much but they take your words to school with them every day. While on the football field, track, basketball or dance floor. They always tell someone of what you told them.


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