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Oct 23, 2009
In Appreciation of Bishop Willie Chew Jr.
by: Shawna Davis

When you think of Bishop Willie Chew Jr., all I can remember is coming to Church in San Francisco,CA, and meeting Pastor Willie Chew Jr.
I had heard of him. When I came and got homework. I thought wow you come to Church and get homework. I had never heard of that, not from a Church. And to sit and listen at the Revelation of the Word that made it easy to understand. But the Compassion that he had for his flock, was refreshing.

After leaving the ministry and knowing that my destiny was locked up in the ministry from where all of the gifts were deposited, I went hungry for the revelation of the knowledge that Bishop teaches. You just can't eat from another table after you sit at the table of the Revelation that flows from Bishop Willie Chew Jr.

It is a honor to honor the Man of God, who by far had been the conduit that God have used to be a blessing in my Life as well as the Body of Christ in Whole. He leads by example, he is a giver, he extends his hand even if no one reaches back for his hand.

Because of Bishop Willie Chew Jr. I am a better person, through understanding through the Word of God, what my true value is as A Woman of God.

I thank you for revealing the truth of Gods Word, I thank you that I don't think, act, or speak the same way I did in November 2008. I am free,I have a different mindset, I am not in the same place that I was and I thank God for you.

I Love you and I am honored to have you as my Bishop. You are the Best Bishop In The World and a True Gift to the Body of Christ. I appreciate you Bishop Willie Chew Jr.

Oct 23, 2009
Best Pastor
by: Anonymous

Pastor Chew is the best pastor in the world to me. His knowledge and passion for the Word of God is uncommon. I truly appreciate him. He is not only our pastor at New Millennium, but he is also a great teacher, coach, wise, caring, compassionate, generous... and a great dresser too! WE LOVE YOU PASTOR CHEW!!!!!!!!

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