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When Is Pastor Appreciation Month?

by Dan
(Michigan, USA)

When is Pastor Appreciation Month? Is there a month when we are "supposed" to celebrate Pastor Appreciation or can we do it any time?

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great thought
by: Anonymous

I think it's a great idea to have Pastors' appreciation month. The world celebrate any and everything else. If you had a good leader there should not be a problem to show them appreciation anytime of the year.

Me too
by: Anonymous

I also thought and believed that you show your Pastor appreciation during the month of his or her anniversary of coming to the church. It just makes sense. Not to slight my Pastor in any way but whom ever came up with this should have also come up with Congregation Appreciation Month. We want to feel appreciated also.

by: JAH

I think this is a great idea to have a month to demonstrate love, and a way to encourage leaders who labor in prayer and service for their members and community all year round, they too need someone to be mindful of them, to make them feel appreciated and loved especially a leader who works extremely hard.

Pastor Appreciation Month
by: Lenny Dudley

We usually have our Pastor Appreciation for the entire month of October. We have a large printed calender set out in the foyer of the church. Anyone that wants to participate can sign up for a certain day. They are responsible for doing something for the Pastors on that date. Whether is be take them out, bring them food, give them a card, give them a gift, make them a cake/pie or whatever God lays on their heart to do, that is their day.

We try to make sure that every day is full so that the pastor has something coming to them every day for the entire month.

They don't know what or who is coming, they just know to expect something every day. It has truly been a blessing to the Pastor's and they know that our church loves them very much.

Christ Church is a blessed church because of the pastor's, but your the one getting blessed by sitting under their ministry.

Celebrating Pastor Philip Derber
by: Cindy Seip

Last year my webmaster and I put together a video celebrating my Pastor, Pastor Philip D. Derber of Grace Fellowship of Frankfort, KY. Since no links are allowed, I would encourage you to search to see how MUCH I appreciate the gift God has given me. "God gives us pastors according to HIS heart to feed us with knowledge and understanding." Simply search for: Pastor appreciation month, Philip Derber, Cindy Seip. Enjoy my celebration.

Any Time Is A Good Time
by: Anonymous

Officially, Pastor Appreciation Month is October, with some churches celebrating Pastor Appreciation Sunday on the second Sunday of October. However, many churches hold pastor appreciation events at other times of the year. In fact, one very popular time to celebrate pastor appreciation is on the annual anniversary of your pastor's arrival at your church. But really, the perfect time to show pastor appreciation is now!

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