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What percentage of votes do you need in order to extend a call to a new pastor?

by Dennis

What would you recommend as the minimum percentage of members that show support for a potential pastor be considered before calling the candidate: 50%, 67%, 75%, 90%, other?

ANSWER: I believe the most popular options are two thirds (67%) and three quarters (75%). Your church probably has a constitution - a document that lays out how the church is to be run. Normally the answer to your question is in the constitution.

Having said that, as a pastor, I won't accept a call to pastor a church unless there is a 90% vote. If a pastor accepts a call at two thirds or three quarters, on his first day of ministry he will already be facing a divided church. One in three or one in four people will already be against him. For me, that's a terrible way to start a ministry.

Some churches take two votes. The first is to vote on whether or not to call the pastor. The second vote is to see if those who voted "No" would still be willing to support the pastor if he came to their church.

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