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What day is Pastor Appreciation Day?

by kazan green
(Richmond, KY )

What day is Pastor Appreciation Day?

ANSWER: Pastor Appreciation is celebrated throughout the month of October. Many churches have a celebration during the second weekend of the month. However, there are churches which celebrate Pastor Appreciation at various points throughout the year.

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Pastor Appreciation Poem
by: Anonymous

Here is the poem I wrote to our pastoral staff for Pastor's Apprecation Month last year. We gave them each a basket with the items that matched the poem: A loaf of bread, A bag of candy, packages of seasonings.

You kneel with people at the worst time of their life – Giving them hope and sharing with them the
Bread of Life.

You stand with people at the best time of their lives –Sharing the sweetness life has for them.

You walk with people through their everyday life –Encouraging, sharing, giving, bringing
seasoning and flavor to the soul.

Let this day serve as a reminder that
while you walk, when you stand, as you kneel;
His Word, the Bread of Life
will give you strength;
His Spirit gives sweetness to your days;
and your life is seasoned
by those who support you with their
love & prayers.

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