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What Are Some Good Pastor Ordination Gifts?

by Mary Ellen

My pastor is about to be ordained. What kind of gifts would be appropriate for this occasion? Thank you for your time.

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Appropriate AND Generous
by: Pastor Crash

Gifts at ordination (or for other special events) should be marked by both appropriateness for the occasion and by a generosity of spirit.

Ordination is a deeply spiritual event, so gifts might include a new Bible, commentary set, commemorative plaque, etc.

A desire to be generous (depending on the size and financial ability of the church) might lead to the inclusion of funds for a weekend away, a night out, etc.

In every instance, however, it's most appreciated when gifts are personal and given in love. Instead of just a generic plaque, have someone design a commemorative piece of art that everyone from the church can sign. That would be treasured!

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