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The Request

by G.L. Reed
(Carthage, TN)

This incident actually happened, names have been changed to save embarrassment.

One night during our summer revival the service was cold - the spirit was simply not moving among our people. Our pastor, Brother Rowan, stood in the pulpit and asked pleadingly, "Does anyone have a testimony or anything to say?" Silence answered his question. "Well, surely someone here tonight has a prayer request, anyone?"

Young Melvin Looper slowly stood. Tears streaming from his pained face fell steadily off a quivering chin. All of his nineteen years had passed on his Mom and Dad’s farm in a neighboring county. He was a first time visitor with a request to make. "Brother Rowan," he managed to force out. "My best friend in the whole world lies at death's door tonight, paralyzed, unable to move!"

The sincere anguished voice said it all - he was burdened and hurting. Folks began to take notice. One old sister mumbled, "Lord help him."

"I want'a ask everyone here tonight, if you know the meaning of prayer, to pray for Molly. I know the Lord can hear and answer prayers, and, He can heal her even though my Dad says there's no hope. If we draw nigh unto God, He’ll draw nigh unto us."

"Amen." A number of men and women responded.

One member of our congregation likes to sing solos. He seemed to have a song ready for any occasion. He rose quickly and bellowed out, "Nearer My God To Thee."

Many in the congregation dabbed at their eyes. One sister shouted praises to the Lord. The young man broke down at this point, wailing loudly and pathetically.

Brother Rowan's own voice cracked as he said, "Things that are impossible with man are possible with God."


"Is Sister Molly close kin?" Our pastor asked.

The young man mournfully blurted out, "My cow, I just don’t know what I’ll do if I lose her."

The service ended shortly thereafter. If anyone followed up to see if the cow recovered, he or she, never mentioned it.

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Holy Cow this is too funny
by: Anonymous


It is too funny!!!
by: Wayne

Obviously this young man has a problem. Of course our Heavenly Father can heal anyone or anything. The fact that the congregation was misled into thinking it is a person he's talking about is the point of the humor.

The request is the best
by: Steven

I'm still laughing, what a story!!!

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