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Superintendent Doctor Chaplain Pastor Darnell Bowman

by Judy Johnson
(York, PA USA)

My pastor is special to me.

Before I was even a member he made me a member at least that is how he made me feel. My pastor lives on peanuts because anything that we give him he puts back into the church.

As you see he has many titles that he works under but from the time he wakes up until the time he falls back to sleep he is always there for any of us not just in the church that he's a pastor of but in all six churches that he oversees. He accepts calls on all his phones no matter what.

He will listen to you and will give you a chance at whatever you have an idea about as long as God gets all the glory.

When I first started coming to his church he took 13 weeks of one on one just so I knew the history of our church (COGIC) and answer all my questions. In my years of schooling I can not remember a teacher who gave a tenth of the time that he gave.

My Pastor is the ideal man of GOD. And we of Susquehanna Valley District of COGIC have a GEM. I am very thankful to be blessed with such a man of GOD to teach me all that I need to know.

Thank You GOD for him.

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