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Should You Receive Your Pastor as a "Gift" or a "Treasure?"

I was sitting in a new members class and was told by the pastor's wife that the pastor should be received as a gift sent to impart into you and a treasure. She also stated ways to give to the pastor such as give gifts, put $10 in their hand, etc. I don't mind giving gifts to someone you've received as your pastor, but being told to do those things by the pastor's wife seemed as though they're put on a pedestal and you "should" give them money. Is this biblical?

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Pastors Are Gifts
by: Anonymous

I do not agree. I believe that our Pastors are gifts (Eph 4:8-11) and if I could spend money on alcohol and drugs or whatever for the devil to feed my flesh (before I came to Lord), surely I can sow seed to the man or woman of God whom the bible says are caring for my soul. If God so loved that He gave, then we ought to love to the point that we give...of our money, of our time, of our work and more.It's an honor that the Pastor's wife (who lives with her husband and knows him better than others) is able to reverence her husband as a man of God and believes in blessing him. He is notjust the congregations Pastor. He is hers too! Be blessed and know that whatever seed you sow, God promises to give it back to you with increase!

A Gift, Yes. Gifts, Not So Much.
by: Editor -

Your hesitation is completely appropriate. It is true, pastors are a gift to the church. According to Ephesians 4, Jesus gave several gifts to the church including pastors.

However, I would be very uncomfortable if a pastor or his wife suggested that I give them money. As a pastor myself, I have on many occasions gratefully received gifts from people. However, I make it a clear practice to never ask for money. Even when it comes to weddings and other activities where honorariums are generally expected, I never ask for nor set a "fee" for such a service. In fact, I go so far as to never negotiate salary. This is a personal preference. But I never want people to get the impression that I am in ministry for the money or that I am ungrateful for what I am given.

I would suggest that you honor your pastor with encouragement and support as you feel God directs. But you are not required to give your pastor extra gifts or money.

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