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Shechem - Arizona

Shechem provides the free gift of a 5 day Sabbath Rest for Missionaries and Pastor couples.

A Sabbath Rest is a chosen withdrawal to be alone with God. Jesus often chose to pull away from ministry to a desert place or to the mountains without the disciples to get alone and hear from the Father. God called us to supply a place where you can be alone with your spouse and God to get rested, refreshed, refocused and recharged. There is nothing greater than hearing God's voice. One word directly from God to your heart will give you the charge you may have been missing for a long time. Ministering day and night takes a toll on you. It's time to break away.

Our home is located in Tucson, AZ. We provide a private room and bath. Our home has common areas for your enjoyment and offers a peaceful back yard patio with many hummingbirds to view as well as the spectacular Tucson sunsets and the evening starry sky. Sombrero Peak is within walking distance for a hike. We often climb to a point that is quiet and meet with God. Sabino Canyon is another beautiful location to find those "secret" places to spend time with the Father. If the desert is too hot, a drive up Mount Lemmon offers cooler temperatures and wooded areas for picnics and God moments. God speaks all the time through His creation. Isn't it time to get awed by God?

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