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Reverend Dr. Frank Blackshear

by Janice Holt
(Greater Zion Hill BC, NY, NY)

Pastor Blackshear is truly a blessing from the Lord. He is a teacher, a preacher, a mentor, a friend, and a visionary. I want to thank him and show my gratitude for his unwavering love to all of his parishoners including me. I want to also thank him for all of his messages that he has preached. They were extremely powerful and inspiring!

Thank you Lord for sending me to the Greater Zion Hill Baptist Church. I've always wanted to learn more about the Bible. I thank the Lord for giving me Pastor Blackshear, who's continuously encouraging and enlightening us with his wisdom.

I pray for the Lord to continue to guide Pastor Blackshear and inspire him.

Comments for Reverend Dr. Frank Blackshear

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My pastor Rev.Dr. Frank James Blackshear
by: Anonymous

You were the best! Thanks for the lessons on how to live. Wish you were able to take us to the next steps.
RIP a true friend.

Thankful for our pastor
by: Anonymous

I am so excited to have visited Greater Zion Hill Baptist Church. My children and I have been attending as we learn they have a new youth minister Chris Williams. I believe Pastor Blackshear is a wonderful loving and inspiring person and I love what he is doing to help the young people, church, and community.

Miracles are sure to happen when faith is the driving motivator
by: Anonymous

Thank God for helping me see and feel the comfort that God wants us to live an abundant,obedient and just life. I love you pastor. Keep spreading the word. Thank you for your vision our church looks and feels like a serious home of worship that invites all people. You are the best! I am so thankful

'Church member
by: Anonymous

Thank God that through your leadership a miracle has happened in my life. Your coaching, prays, and love for God has helped to confirm my faith. Please continue to spread the word, God is love.

Thank God for a Pastor Like You.
by: Anonymous

WOW! God truly knows where to send his people to be blessed and full. I can honestly say that Dr. Rev. Frank Blackshear is a power house preacher,teacher, and Pastor as well as a powerful servant sent by God. He knows his word and he is so blessed to be full of wisdom and knowledge of the Holy word of God. And he knows his scriptures and no one can pull a wool over Pastors eyes. He is humble and fair not to mention he will sit and listen to what you have to say and he knows his flock too. Many people from all over comes to visit Pastors church. Some comes from Italy, Spain, Germany,Greece, France, and Sweden and many other countries too. This is truly an example of what God can do. Pastor Blackshear is a well known Pastor and I am so happy to Brag about my pastor with much love Guess who?

Praise the Lord
by: Anonymous

I truly thank God for sending me to the Greater Zion Hill Baptist Church located in Harlem New York. Sitting under a powerful man of God such as my Pastor Reverend Dr. Frank Blackshear is a blessing. When he preaches, you hear God, you learn what God expects of you, and you feel the spirit of God all around you.

Witnessing this makes me shout, shed tears of joy, and praise God even more for putting such an anointed man of God to be the head of the Greater Zion Hill Baptist Church. Over the years that I have been a member of the church Pastor Blackshear has always been a humble man of God and he always gives good advice.

Thank you Lord for Pastor Blackshear.

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