Reverend Dr. Charles W. Saunders

by Sharmaine Sinclair
(Nassau, Bahamas)

I have known my pastor for most of my life. I have attended this church for 36 years and he has been my Pastor for 35 of those years. My impressions of the pastor have changed over the years. They have gone from experiencing extreme terror when he "corrected me at the age of eight, to being totally flabbergasted at the words he had in his vocabulary and finally to "now how am I going to explain to this child that Rev.'s bark is far worst than his bite?"

I often find myself saying these days to the young people, "yes, I know what you think, but whose the Pastor of this church?". I believe he has rubbed off on me more than I thought he had.
I have come to appreciate the Pastor for who he is, what he stands for and his support of me. I confess, I have not always seen his point of view on issues of, to him little consequence, but on the fundamental issues concerning the things of God? I would stand with him all the way.

So, on behalf of the Youth Department past and present, as one who has led and been led in the auxiliary, I salute my Pastor. I say "May the peace of the Lord always be with you, may His spirit continue to rest upon you to comfort and befriend you. I know that God is with you, constantly reminding you, You are the eternal child of the King.

I love you and I appreciate you.

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