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Comments for Reverend Damon Blakeley, St. James AME Church Fort Worth

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Sep 11, 2009
Blessings Be Yours
by: Brother Ernest Parrish

Pastor Blakeley,

Once in a while we meet someone who knows how to make us feel good, understand us as few others do, who is glad for us when things are going well, and who is there to listen when we have something to share. I thank God for who you are and your concern for others.

God Bless Your Future,
Brother Ernest Parrish

Sep 11, 2009
by: Ron and Sandra Dansby

Congratulations to you, Regina and the girls on your 1st year anniversary here at St James. It seems like yesterday that the move from Midland took place and here it is another conference year later.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication that you put forth every day as you do the work God has called you to do.

May God continue to bless you all is our prayer.

Yours in Christ,
Ron and Sandra Dansby

Sep 10, 2009
God is Good
by: Cynthia Rollins

I thank God for sending you to St. James FW at this time. The peace and comfort that has come over our church since you came is great. I pray that God will see fit to send you back to us so that we can continue to move forward in him. God bless you and your family.

Sep 10, 2009
A Preacher Par Excellence
by: Sister Gloria Newton

Pastor Blakeley, it has been a wonderful Conference Year, one I am not soon to forget. I give God the Praise and the Glory.

I have enjoyed your preaching to the highest. My prayer is that you and your family will return for another Conference Year for you to move St. James to another level of Kingdom Building.

God Bless you and your family

Sep 10, 2009
Anointed Leadership
by: Exhorter Dorothy Brown

May the love of Jesus be with you and your family. Pastor Blakeley you have developed a working team of Stewards and Trustees. You have helped to develop a leadership of workers who are faithful and willing. If I have the opportunity to speak for the Church, I would ask the Bishop to send you back so you can continue to develop the work that God has sent you to do. May this Appreciation be one of many.

God's Riches Blessings Always Be Yours

Sep 10, 2009
Love You and Your Family

Reverend Blakeley, I am so glad you are the Pastor at St. James. You are so deserving of an Appreciation, because of your dedication to the Lord and to the Church.

We love you and your family dearly, but sometimes I just want to "Smack Ya"

Guess Who?

Sep 08, 2009
by: Myrtle Ross

Reverend Damon Blakeley, St. James AME Church Fort Worth. I would like to thank God for sending you and your lovely family to St. James AME, and thank you (Pastor) for accepting the position as our leader. We love and appreciate you. I believe you are a child of God sent to us to do the work of the Lord. You came to us when we needed you the most, you did not ask, What we could do for you; you just determined what you could do for us. Your wife began working with children who needed her help, and you brought love, kindness, knowledge, leadership, and unity back to our church. I have been a member for 15 years and have seen several good leaders. I am extremely happy to count you as one of the best leaders we have had since I joined St. James. I would like to quote portions of Psalm 133 to express how I feel about you, your family, and our church, and to thank you again.

"How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity - for there the Lord bestows his blessings, even life forevermore".

St. James AME is a wonderful place to worship with good people and a great leader.

Thank you for helping us to carry on the Lord's work with dignity, and unity. Thank you and your family for your love, your dedication, and your hard work. You are greatly appreciated.

Sep 07, 2009
An Anointed Man of God
by: Anonymous

What a mighty God we serve. I am thankful to God for sending St. James such an anointed and compassionate Man of God. A Man who has a vision for the Church and its people...To God Be The Glory. May this Appreciation 2009 be one of many at St. James and may God's choice blessings continue to shine upon you and your family.

Blessing Always
Sister Martha Jordan

Sep 07, 2009
A Godly Man
by: Anonymous

Pastor, any Man can be good, but a Godly Man is special and unique. You are that kind of Man, and so deserving of being appreciated. I am so glad to have you in my life, during this season of my life and in the life of my Church.

May the Lord continue to bless you and your family, for many years to come.

Much Love,
Sister Ruthie Foster

Sep 05, 2009
A Servant Attitude
by: Alvin Johnson

Reverend Blakeley, I've never known a pastor who has been more dedicated, and committed in carrying out his pastoral duties.

The long hours you spend at the Church, preparing your Sermons, Bible School lessons, visiting the sick and shut ins, comforting the bereaved families is a true indication of your Servant attitude; and you do it without a 'noticeably' Divine Spirit of humility.

Thanks! Because you stir up the God in anyone who comes into your presence.

Alvin Johnson

Sep 05, 2009
To Our Pastor
by: Rev. & Mrs. Mason Rice, Jr

Rev. Blakely, we are very proud to call you our Pastor. You came to St.James at a time when we needed new direction and we thank God for you bringing Christian vision to the church. We pray for you and your lovely wife daily. May God continue to bless you, your family, and your ministry.
Your friends in Christ
Mason & Zetta Rice

Sep 05, 2009
An Awesome Man of God
by: Reverend Shelia King

Special thanks and appreciation for your benevolence during my illness,and stay in the hospital. My family and I are forever grateful for your concern and all that you have done for us.

You are an awesome man of God, and I am glad to know you as a special, caring and compassionate friend. It is my prayer that this be one of many Appreciations for you and your family, and the Lord, we serve will allow you to remain at St. James for years to come for you to continue to do His Will and His Work for all of God's children.

Be Blessed
Reverend Shelia King and Family

Sep 02, 2009
Dear Rev. Blakeley;
by: Rev. Dr. Sherryl Matlock

May God bless you and smile upon you for the work that you have done at St. James this Annual Conference year. Thank you for being my friend, and colleague. Also,thank you for blessing me and the St. James-Denton Church family during our Annual Men's Day Celebration of which you delivered a mighty word from God. You are an awesome man of God. May God continue to bless you and the work that you do for Him and toward kingdom building.

Sep 01, 2009
First Family
by: Charnei Smith

I thank God for our new first family. Reverend and Sister Blakeley truly care about the souls of others and it is evident in the vision and the work that they put into the church. I pray that they remain with us so that more can be done with them at St. James. Rev. Blakeley not only speaks good and prosperous things, but he also sets up ministries and takes steps to make those words come alive. I appreciate both he and his wife for all they've done and am thankful for their presence.

Sep 01, 2009
New Preacher in Da House- They Call him Rev. Damon Blakeley
by: Joyce "JC" Collins

Among many members at St. James, I'm also very proud to call Rev. Blakeley my Pastor. What a breath of fresh air it was, when he was appointed to the St. James family. He is such a humble man of God. There are 3 things that make a person, commitment, sincerity and hard work, and he constantly demonstrates all three. All of the hard work he's done since he's been at St. James really speaks for him. I've always been taught, your actions speak louder than words & truly Pastor Blakeley has devoted countless hours in kingdom building. Oh what a blessing it has been for my family and I to have crossed paths with Pastor and the first family. I pray that God will continue to give him strength, wisdom and knowledge to take the church family to higher heights in many years to come. Pastor Blakeley Proverbs 3: 5-6 says, Trust the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths". May the Lord bless you and keep you and the first family in His ever loving care. Ending on a humorous note: Sing Unto the Lord a New Song--SING PASTOR SING!!!

Aug 23, 2009
Pure Love
by: Sis. Wanda Faye Liedy

I thank God for our new pastor. You are just what the doctor ordered for us at this time. Truthfully, we've had a lot of good preachers and pastors in the past who preached and taught the word of God and I learned a lot from them just like I am learning from you. I can feel and see God working through you, and with you, and I hope and pray that the Bishop will let you stay long enough to see some results from your hard work and your vision. You and your family are valued gems to me. I pray for your continued walk with with the Lord and your journey with St.James A.M.E. Ft Worth. YOUR YOUTHFULNESS,EDUCATION, LOVE, DEDICATION Are great assets, but most of all, your love for Jesus.

Aug 20, 2009
Man of God
by: Mary Cox

I am so proud to call you my Pastor because you teach the word of God to us, I love your words, and your teaching of our father and big brother King Jesus, you are very kind and you are a man who loves his people, who also tries to bring his people together in Love, Peace and Harmony. Pastor Blakeley I will always have respect and love for you dearly.

Mary Cox

Aug 15, 2009
A Man of Vision
by: Anonymous

Few people have a vision such as yours. Your ability to accommodate, even when it is difficult or not so convenient gives us the assurance of a continuing and rewarding relationship as we move this church to another level, with God being our helper. Let me further add, that each exchanged idea or shared opportunity intensifies the mutual respect we have for each other. Your very objective nature sets you apart form other leaders and makes it easy to share ideas with.

Thanks for showing others an alternative prospective in our daily walk with the Master. Recognizing that success can never be achieved without a shared vision and a desire to initiate it, we stand ready to walk and work with you.

Alfred T-Max Davis, II.

Aug 13, 2009
Singing the Praises
by: Emma Johnson

Pastor Blakeley, I thank you for your leadership at Saint James. Our church could not have asked for a better preacher, leader, or Christian person with such a charismatic/humorous personality than you.

I have been is church all of my life, and I've stumbled some on the way trying to become the type of Christian person God wants me to be. Under your leadership I have found my voice and I am constantly quoting parts of your Sunday messages to my family and friends. Each message has touched a special place in my heart.

I have a God fearing husband who didn't go to church often (CME) but now wakes me up asking, "Are we going to church?" Any "preacher" who can do that needs praise.

I am so proud to be singing these praises. Thank you for your family becoming part of our family.

Aug 13, 2009
Go Preacher, Go Preacher, Go!!!
by: Sheri Carter

Our pastor is one of a kind! It was time for St. James to acquire a pastor that is as loving, enthusiastic, down-to-earth, and real as Rev. Blakeley! We can all agree that any pastor that would "Shake it fast?" with us yet still, with a kind heart, tell us how to "?watch ourselves" is one that will impact every part of our daily lives. It brings me joy to see a pastor that is not only interested in the growth of the church but has our children at heart and realizes that the youth of our church IS our church! As our entire youth department would proudly agree, Rev. Blakeley is "da Bomb"!

Aug 12, 2009
Thank God, There is a Preacher In the House
by: Joe Ann Hoffman

The Good Lord places special people in your life for a reason and a season. I am so glad he placed you and Regina in my life, at this season of my life. I acquired another son and daughter that I have grown to love as my own. I thank God for your Spirit of discernment, your spirit of kindness, compassion and love for everyone under your pastoral leadership. I also thank God for your vision for a better Church on the corner of Walker and Ramey Avenue that will continue to give God the Glory for any and all of its accomplishments. May the Good Lord continue to lead and guide you as you do His Will. I know the work of the Lord requires you to have a special connection to the Lord, so continue to connect with the Lord when you need to, and lift Him up to others as you do now, whenever and wherever you see the need to do so. My Mother always said, and I believe it...The Lord is seating high and looking low. So you do good, and wait on Him, because He knows the desires of your heart, and I believe without a doubt He is pleased with the work that you are doing, and in due time, you will reap your reward.
God Bless you and your family.

Aug 12, 2009
Ever So Grateful
by: Linda Powell-Jackson

I am very grateful for Pastor Blakeley being assigned to St. James AME Church. He is a very inspiring man of God.

I have been in church all my life excluding a few short years. I have learned more about what being a Christian is during last year than I did in all the previous years combined.

His recent assignment of the Se7en Day Prayer for Personal Revival was very well planned and presented. Each day that I go through the work sheet brings me joy, peace and happiness.

I feel closer to Christ by meditating on His Holy Word and learning more of Christ through my studies and prayers.

Thank You Pastor Blakeley. You are very much appreciated.

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