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Reverend Adam Spencer Sr.

by Myra Jamison
(North Charleston, SC)

My pastor is a man called and sent from God. He's caring, loving, understanding but most importantly he cares about bringing lost souls to Christ. He teaches us that our purpose is to go out into this world and let men, women, boy and girl know that Jesus loves them and no matter what their situation is he's standing with open arms just waiting for them. As Christians it is our duty to leave from out of the 4 walls and go witness to others. My pastor is a giving man, a husband, father and grandfather.

I can honestly say I can see his first love is God. What I love about my pastor is that he's firm and he's fair with everyone and believes that whatever job you do in the house of the Lord to give it your 100% and he exspects no less because what you do for Christ will last. I see how he's putting everything in there respective places because everything should be done decent and in order.

Our pastor has only been with us for 10 months and we have grown in places that needed a lot of growth and we are learning. My pastor is a hard worker, many Sundays he would have to go to work before coming to service, and then there are some Sundays he had to go straight to work after Sunday services I applaud my pastor because I can see the load he's carring and we have so many people in these churches who will not do a thing to help or try to ease the burden of others. My pastor is there when you need him or if you call him he will always find the time to speak with you even while he's at work. He teaches Sunday school, bible school and leads our prayer services and never complains.

I truly thank God for my pastor as he continues to teach and preach God's words. I pray that God will keep all pastors in his care because there are people who are so selfish and don't realize that pastors are humans too and they have feelings just like we do and that their bodies needs rest also.

So as we celebrate pastor appreciation month let us take this special moment to tell and show our pastors just how much we appreciate them.

We Love Your Pastor Spencer

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