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Rev. Ollie Blakes

by Willie M. Burns
(Indianola, MS)

Hi, it's me agin; Ms.Willie M.Burns
we just can't say enough about our Pastor's,they are a true gift from God. My Pastor just had his Appreciation service, and we are a small membership right now, but my Pastor has been a Ministry for 15 yrs, so he celebrated the 15 yrs he has been in ministry, and I think we did pretty good,in showing him how much we appreciate him, and all the things he does. By raising a love offering (I wont say how much). Of course we could always do better next time.

Showing someone how much you care is very important, so you want to do it right. There are no excuses as to how much you can do, or how small the church is, if you love someone you love big. Our Pastor is a gift from God, and I can tell you that I didn't truly get that concept, until this year. It hit me like a ton of bricks, hey this man has been given a task to watch for our souls; and if he doesn't do his job he has to answer to God.

My Pastor is a wonderful person, he has a big heart, and a heart of gold, he loves what he does. He is not just doing this just because or for money, (what money) we are a small town church, with a lack of jobs; he truely loves it.. and the least we can do is show him how much we appreciate what he is doing for us. Our job is to take care of our Pastor, as he takes care of our souls, and prepare us, for our heavenly journey.

My Pastor is a good friend, and he shows himself to be very friendly. He is not stuck on titles, he is a man too, and he works very hard at what he does. He has a job to do, and we as members have to help him in fulfilling it, by compelling the lost to come in and be saved. We can't save anyone, but we can help them, by asking them to come and hear the word of God. And my Pastor is a wonderful teacher, and an even better Preacher.

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