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Rev. Ollie Blakes

by Willie M Burns
(Indianola Ms USA)

a true man of God

a true man of God

hi, my name is wille mae burns, and i have known my Pastor, Rev. Ollie Blakes for about seven years.we meet when i joined church in 2003, after a revival. i knew of him years before that, but i never had the chance to get to know him, as a person and yes they are people too. most people dont see Pastor's as regular people, but they are.

over the years i got to know him, and we became very good friends. he is a great man of God, he preaches only the tuth, even if it hurts. he is also a great teacher, he has taught us so much, about God. when i came into the church, i didnt know a lot, and i had lots of questions, and he is so good at answering questions. if he doesn't know something, he isn't going to lie and just make something up. the thing i like the most is, he will explain something,and stay with it until you get it. over the course of time i have known him, i had to learn to seperate friendship, from serious church business, and i can truly tell you that i have mastered doing that. it is very important to keep the two seperated.

my Pastor resently, about two years ago, was dismissed unfairly from one of his churches, he has three. and he asked me, if i would continue to support him, and of course we followed him. and since that time he has obtained a new ministry, which we have been in for the past year, and it is going strong. he is a man of faith, and prayer, if you see my Pastor out there on the street, he is always ministering to someone. he prays for others, he is a very loving and caring person. and i have learned in being his friend, that he is some what of a kid at heart.but what i like the most is that he has a big heart, and a real love for Christ, and doing the will of God.

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