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Rev. Leonard B. Lacey

by Evelyn Kershaw
(Woodbridge, VA)

Rev. & Dr. Leonard B. Lacey, United Faith Christian Ministry

Rev. & Dr. Leonard B. Lacey, United Faith Christian Ministry

The is in appreciation for one of the best pastors and men of God in the country. He and his wife, first lady Dr. Renee Lacey are God-sent, anointed, rooted and grounded in the Word of God and have a heart for the people. They have the farthest reaching arms of anyone I know, always willing to give to others, reach out to others and giving a hand up, not a handout. Pastor Lacey and Dr. Lacey are humble, steadfast and committed. It is because of their faith, prayers and hard work that Stafford County and the surrounding counties are growing at an alarming rate. Thank God for them both. If it were up to me, they would get the "Best Pastor" in the world award!
Sis. E. Kershaw and family

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