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Rev. Jimmy Richardson and Sis. Janie Richardson

by Azzie Gilbert
(Brooklyn, Mississippi)

To Pastor Richardson and Sis. Richardson: thank you both for being in my life. I received Christ in my life in 1992. I attended church after church, trying to fine the true meaning of being saved. By God's grace he led me back to St. John Baptist Church, the church I grew up in. There I met you and Sis. Richardson. Not knowing the love understanding, true doctoring I would receive just by coming to church, there is no way to express the knowledge I would obtain in just the few months I’ve been there.

There is no doubt in my mind that you are a true man of god called, sanctified, and filled with God Holy Spirit. You two have made a true difference in my life, and in my children’s lives. You told me to pray and wait upon the Lord, that he may not come when I want him but he’s always on time. My heart, my mind and my spirit belong to God.

The respect of your teaching belongs to you. I'm asking God to forever bless you and keep your health and strength good that you may continue to preach God’s word. May his blood forever cover you, Sis. Richardson, and your children. Keep praying for me and my family, as I will continue praying for you and yours.

I love you both in Christ Jesus

Sis Azzie Gilbert

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