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Rev. James Morgan

by Theresa Bonner
(West Memphis, AR )

Pastor Morgan brings the Word of God full force and does not hold back what God places on his heart to share with his congregation. He leads by example and he is always at his member's side in graduations, funerals, sick calls, family gatherings, you name it, he is there not only as a Pastor but as a friend, a father, a big brother, a son as well as our spiritual guider.

Pastor Morgan chastises and loves us all at the same time. He has great desires for his flock to stay grounded in the Word of God and to remain obedient to God. He strives daily to encourage us to follow him as he follows Christ. This is what makes me proud to call him my Pastor.

Pastor Morgan has been the leader of New Mt. Zion located 975 East Barton in West Memphis AR for 25 years. He is married to a wonderful woman Mrs. Nan Morgan. He has three adorable children, Jamie his first and only daughter, Jammal his son-in-law and baby grand Jay his first grandson and two handsome sons Derrick and Rev. James Morgan the 3rd. Our Pastor was given one of the greatest gifts when God called his son James the 3rd to preach the Word.

There are so many things that I could say about Pastor Morgan but I would have to write a book. He is a blessing to me and my family and we thank God for him every day. His words from God are not always what I want to hear but I thank the Lord that his words are what I need to hear to make me better. I thank him for always giving me the word just as it is written and for encouraging me to be in the word daily!

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Thank you for the love
by: Shenisa

I thank you for the love, I know it's coming from above. You're a My Pastor who gives it to us straight. I surely wouldn't have it any other way. Sound Doctrine is what you teach. God loves you so continue to preach. I Love Pastor James Morgan Jr.This is deep from my heart.The word you give us it's right before our face.I will continue to it use from day to day. Thank you Jesus for using him for our sake.Because he's a pastor who truly is covered by your grace. Thank you Jesus for sending a pastor who is following your word.Some regret it and some accept but when it's all done. The Word remains the same and will never change. James Morgan Jr. you're the Best. Thank you again for allowing God to use you for my sake and so many more. Coming to Jesus is the Best thing that has happened to ME!

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