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Rev. Eldon Reich

by Carol
(Aberdeen SD)

Our Senior Pastor

Our Senior Pastor

My Pastor-
Top 10 Reasons He Rocks...
10) His messages from the pulpit are biblical. He doesn't always preach what is popular- but DOES preach Biblical truths. He is an excellent speaker. There is never a Sunday I don't feel like going to worship.
9) He is an encourager.
8) He has a great sense of humor.
7) He enjoys nature- An outdoorsman that LOVES fishing and hunting.
6) He is humble. I know if he's reading this, he'd rather have the glory go directly to God. God uses him daily for His Kingdom.
5) A man of VISION. We recently put on a new addition, and God's using the new addition for ministry. Pastor Eldon had vision for this long before the congregation. It never seemed like it could be a reality, because there were SO many obstacles, but now I type this from an office in our new addition.
4) Blessing For the Hunt- we recently held an event for outdoorsman in our gym. Our pastor uses this as a way to get men involved that normally may not take on responsibility or participate in a church small group.
3) He encourages BIBLE studies and learning...
2) He brings candy to the church office staff.
1) We're known as the church with a heart in the heart of the city... Our pastor cares for all of his sheep- He is a true shepherd. He's got an understanding of every little aspect of our church.

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A Leader in deed!
by: Jim McQuiston

I was a good friend of Rev Eldon Reich when we were freshman in college. He was instrumental in encouraging student Bible groups and I remember discussions of Biblical truths late into the night in our dorms. You are fortunate indeed to have his dedicated leadership.

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