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Rev Dr F. O. Hockenhull

by Pastor Anthony A K Hodge Sr
(Hercules, Ca)

When I begin to think of the man listed above my eyes well up tears and heart beats shallow. I am blessed to have "my dad" as pastor~ mentor~ confidant~ guide~ teacher~ friend and father in the ministry. He has been pastor of the First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church of Flint, Michigan, for over "forty" years (a generation), he has been married to his beautiful, intelligent, spirit-filled, God-fearing wife for over "fifty" years (highlighted in Jet magazine).

They are both very active in the community, state, local and national politics. They are very active in the district, state and National Baptist Convention USA Inc. where they have both held lofty national positions recently Dr. Miriam Hockenhull (National Director of the Young People Department), pastor (Special Assistant to the President of the convention). One would believe with such notable accomplishments that there could be would be an air of arrogance, not so this God loving family are the epitome humble service. Pastor F. O. Hockenhull you have prepared your "son in the ministry" for the daunting challenge of shepherding God’s flock. Thank you Lord for my PASTOR!!!

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by: Rev, Har rison C. Caldwell III

Dad, you will always be missed and admired as a true man of God. I can only thank you for the love kindness and generosity you have shown me. I will continue to grow on the spiritual teachings and foundations you have set forth in my life never throwing in the towel because God never gave us one to throw in and eating the meat and throwing away the bones. These and more do I use seeking His face while getting up from a fall and continuing to rejoice and again I say rejoice for a Pastor after God's own heart. Mom Frank Jr., girls love and peace to you all and to my First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church family.

Well Done Dad.

A Dear Pastor, Mentor and Friend
by: Frieda L. Gilyard

My Dear Marian,

Words cannot express my degree of sadness, Pastor Hockenhull had an enormous impact on my spiritual growth. I loved him dearly and he will always be remembered in my heart. What a great servant of God he was and his legacy will live on.

"Well Done Good and Faithful Servant"

Our expressions to the Hockenhull family
by: Michael & Janice Martin

Thank God for our relationship and all that pastor has taught us. We miss his smile and love. PASTOR HAS TRULY BEEN A BLESSING TO MY FAMILY AND TO FIRST TRINITY. WE LOVE ALL OF YOU.

To a great Pastor and wonderful father figure.
by: Michael L. Martin Jr.

Having grown up in First Trinity Church and seeing this man of God tend to god's sheep in the way he did was nothing but amazing. I am honored to have grown up knowing him and having his understanding and knowledge to guide me. Although the world has lost a great man, heaven has gotten a great spirit. Pastor Hockenhull, you will be missed but us children you have helped mold into responsible adults. you were like a second dad to me and his wife a second mom. Although we grew up and left first trinity, I could never forget the dad I had that pastored there. I will miss you much but I know you are in a better place.

Rev. Dr. F.O. Hockenhull - The Shepherd
by: David K. Etheridge

To: Sister Marian Hockenhull, Franko Hockenhull and the entire First Trinity MBC Family of Flint, MI

The Etheridge Family is praying for you during this time of bereavement and we encourage you to celebrate the life of Pastor, his committment to God and his legacy.

There are so many great loving and caring thoughts that come to mind when I think about Dr. F.O. Hockenhull -"Pastor" of First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church. He has been like a blood father to me from the time that I was a young kid growing up in Flint. His remarkable commitment to God and desire for every person to know Jesus Christ through personal experience, sound doctrine and leading by example has provided me with the very foundation that I live on today.

At each milestone in my life, he has been present to advise me through scripture and fatherly experience. High school graduation, college graduation, marriage, the birth of children, career objectives and at points of death he referenced Christian Education to offer words of encouragement. He has always spoken with clarity, sincerity and truth. His leadership and dedication to excellence was a major part of his DNA. When he declared an action to be done, it was timely, efficient and completed decently & in order.

The best example I will remember was being able to observe his prayers and thoughts as he lead the building of the current First Trinity sanctuary. He would always say, "tithing is God's plan not man's scheme". The sanctuary was financed through tithes and offering and paid off during his life time. He was a man who lived by the Word of God as evident through his faith.

I have always listened to his sermons with excitement. There are so many that I remember to include the 5 P's of Paul; What Are you Talking About; God is Able To Do It and many more. What a powerful teacher, lecturer and Man of God.

A once in a life time leader, I will forever thank God for Pastor Hockenhull. I can hear him sing the last stanza of Amazing Grace, "When we've been there 10,000 years...." Let's remember, "To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord."

God Bless You.

My Pastor
by: Birdie V Brooks

My Pastor, Rev Dr F.O. Hockenhull went home to be with the Lord today. I will always remember his teachings as well as his humor. Being the no nonsense bible preaching Pastor that he was makes you love him even more. I did not always want to agree with him but you can best believe I always went back to what he said. Pastor always said that there must be laughter in a family. My heart is full right now. There is so much emotion going through my heart and mind. I just want to thank the Lord for putting Pastor F.O. Hockenhull in my life.

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