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Rev. Dr. Eric. A. Jones

by Diane Davis
(Petersburg, VA.)

Pastor Jones

Pastor Jones

Our Pastor is a gift to Easter Baptist Church, He has been with us three years and has really grown the ministry here. More people have not only joined our church but are involved in the many ministries. He is such a caring pastor and really listens to his members. You can mention something to him and not think of it again, until he unexpectedly asks you about your concern or joy. We are so blessed to have him. His sermons are delightful and interesting and really keep you motivated to living a Christ centered life.

Known affectionately as Rev. Dr. Eric A. Jones, he is very involved in many areas of the church. From the youth group to his bible studies, and visiting hospital patients and nursing homes. Not everyone at the church realizes that he is at the church sometimes seven days a week. He truly has brought God's church a long way and we couldn't be happier to have him and his wonderful family.

Rev.Dr. A. Jones is Truly a servant of God. A man with a passion for souls and who often goes beyond the call of duty daily. One who is earnest in the spiritual warfare of ... tearing down the stronghold of the enemy to build up the kingdom of heaven.

I'm sure there are many things I haven't mentioned, but the most important thing to know about him is that he really makes you think about the lessons from his sermon and reaches people on very personal levels and brings them closer to Christ.

My Pastor and his wife are truly a blessing from the Lord!! They both have a love for their congregation and I love them as a friend and a pastor. I thank God for both of them.


Being a pastor, and more over, being a pastor's wife is not an easy task! You are both commended for your service to the Lord. Let me say this to each of you: while being in service to our Master, "DO NOT" FORGET to serve each other! While you are loving the flock of your congregation, "DON'T FORGET" to love each other! And last but not least, while you both, make haste to meet the needs of the body of your church, "MOST DEFINITELY, DO NOT FORGET" to meet the needs of "EACH OTHER!" For that, coupled with "CONTINUOUSLY SEEKING OUR LORD, for WISDOM, STRENGTH, for the "PRESS" that lies ahead, will be the cohesiveness that allows you to remain, "AS ONE, IN HIS SERVICE!" May God Continue to Bless you,

Pastor Eric A. Jones and First Lady Sis Devona A. Jones according to His Riches in Glory!

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