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Rev. Dr. Andrew G. Huyler - Whole Armour Ministries Int. (Nassau, Bahamas)

by W & S Sears & Family
(Nassau, Bahamas)

How can we say thanks to the almighty God for directing us to be apart of this great ministry with such powerful anointed leaders. We must say to God be all glory and praise. Our Pastor is very special and unique in his own way, he is smart and lives the life that he teaches about. He was called with a mandate and a special vision for the ministry. My Pastor is a true word Teacher who only teaches the word of God, he is not one who compromises God's word to go easy on anyone, he calls sin by its name and makes no apology for it. If you find your self being cut during the word then he admonishes you to now be healed go and sin no more, circumcise your heart and be transformed by the renewing of you mind and make a 180 degree turn from your sins and allow God to do a new work in you. Just to let you in on a bit more of what our Pastor is all about when we say that he is a word teacher a few of his favorite scriptures are: Rom 12, Eph 4, Col 3, John 14 & 15 always thought provoking messages that leads to repentance.

Our Pastor is a hard worker, he is loving, caring and very much concerned about the people of God, he is always in the word of God seeking a word from the Lord for Gods people. He is a Pastor of ONE (1) wife whom he loves dearly (Minister Donna M. Huyler) who is the radical Preacher in the Ministry and both of them make it know that the almighty Jehovah God is first in their lives.

We just want to say to our Pastors we truly do love and appreciate both of you and we consider the Ministry blessed because God has given us a double portion of his blessings a (Word Teacher and a Word Preacher)and both of you have awesome testimonies of where God has brought you from and therefore lives a Holy life. We will continue to pray for your strength and growth in the Ministry that God will continue to bless and keep you and your family, may his peace be with you and his divine favor continue to fall upon you wherever you go.

We Love You!

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