Rev Dr A Shelton Higgs

by Chazkara
(Nassau Bahamas)

A tribute to my Pastor,

Many look at you and say you try to do too much at one time. I look back at them and say why don't you help? Many say slow down it's too much to handle. I say why not carry some of the weight.

Pastor Higgs I am proud to be a part of your ministry. I may not say it enough or may not have said it at all but am very grateful for what you've done for me though your prayers and most of all the word so as you continue to the work for who sent you keep focus, keep looking ahead, finish the race and when one may ask why you work so hard I will tell them he's working for that grand prize in sky.

I love Bishop and am proud to Brag on you cause you're the best Pastor in the whole world.

Love Chazkara Clarke
Nassau, Bahamas

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