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Rev. David Testerman

(Boone, North Carolina)

Rev. David Testerman, or, Preacher David as many of the older members of the congregation prefer to call him, is truly a blessing to Piney Grove Baptist Church.

It is not often that one will encounter a minister who has had the option to pastor large metropolitan churches, yet, because he yields to what he feels is God's calling in his life, is content to be the shepherd for a small rural community church near Boone, North Carolina. With God using Preacher David and his wife Judy as instruments, what once was a struggling church with only a handful in attendance is now experiencing continual growth and commitment.

It is obvious from the moment you meet him, he isn't just another minister. He is a pastor with the care, concern and love for his congregation that only someone with a pastor's heart could have. Unlike many ministers and their wives who place a buffer between themselves and their congregation, Preacher David & Judy are just "one of us." If we hurt, they hurt, if we cry, they cry. On many occasions they have taken money from their own pocket to help someone in the church or community who was experiencing hardship.

He doesn't differentiate between his members. Everyone from the least to the most educated, the poorest to the wealthiest, the worst dressed to the most well dressed is treated with the same love and respect. Thus, he has a way of reaching those that others have written off as not worthy, or as a lost cause. Educated and dignified to move and function with the elite, yet, humble and caring enough to communicate with the ordinary.

All the positive attributes notwithstanding, the most impressive is he has done it the "right way," not compromising his believes, not placing attendance and offering amounts above the gospel and the message that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is real, is alive and can make a difference, to one soul at a time and one life at a time, thus changing the course of individuals, families, communities, countries and the world.

To Preacher David and his wonderful wife Judy, thank you and we are proud to call you our "Pastor and Judy."

Comments for Rev. David Testerman

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Absolutely Agree!
by: Edwina

I was just checking to see if David was on facebook and it linked me to this site, which I never knew existed! I read the article and David's reply. I absolutely agree with everything that was said!
For several years, I quit attending Church because I couldn't find one where I felt I "fit in". Being away from Church, I let myself get tied up into the world and I made mistakes. Life's events allowed me to drift further away from the Church. I didn't give up on God and I still prayed and read the Bible, but I didn't go to Church.
In 2007, I had a horrible horse accident that almost killed me and I was in the hospital for over 2 weeks. While I was there, Pastor David came to visit me. (My brother and sister-in-law were already members of Piney Grove Church)David didn't know me at all, but he talked with me about all kinds of stuff and it felt like I had known him all my life. He was so down to earth and kind. He wasn't pushy and he didn't "Preach" to me. We just talked and then he prayed with me and told me that the Church was praying for me.
When I recovered enough to get around a little on a walker, I went to the little Church, way up on top of Rominger Mountain. Everyone in there either hugged my neck or shook my hand and said "You're one of us now! Welcome to the family!" I've been going there ever since.
David and EVERYONE at Piney Grove are like close family. There is so much genuine love and caring there. There are no strangers! David has such a great sense of humor and practical teachings. Every message he has is a Blessing straight from God! He tells it like it is and in such a way that touches the heart. I have seen healing miracles in that little Church and I really feel like that God sits in the congregation every Sunday to listen to Alfred's Sunday School lesson and David's sermon. It's the only Church I know of where you can dress casual without being asked to leave, or at least stared at. And where else can you laugh and have a good time while learning about Christ's love in Church? And as David and Roy has said, if you don't like to be touched, don't go there, because you WILL be hugged!
David has been a huge influence on my life and Piney Grove Church has given me a whole new outlook on life, Christianity, and Church. I'm closer to God than I've ever been and I love David and my Church Family. Thank you David for all you do! God Bless You!! You REALLY make a difference

Undeserving of such praise
by: Rev. David Testerman

It is very easy to be a pastor and to love such a loving and caring people as the folks of Piney Grove Baptist Church. They all love their church, they love each other, they love the Lord, and after seven years the church is still prospering and growing. Perhaps I don't say it enough, but I truly love these dear people. I will conclude this comment with a statement I recently made to them at church, "The only thing I regret about my ministry is the fact that God didn't lead me to Piney Grove many years ago."

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