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Rev. D. L. Perry

by Sandi
(Burlington, North Carolina, USA)

Pastor Perry

Pastor Perry

I just want to thank GOD for sending such a man to this church of people at Light House Chapel in Burlington, N.C. We have the BEST services I've ever heard. He is well known at area churches as well, and is spoken very highly of. He puts God before all things and takes care of all his members and then his family then self. He will go without if he knows one of his sheep is weak and falling short. I thank God for letting us have such a man that makes sure you understand the word and he will take the time to make sure you are comfortable. If you want to hear the best preaching and singing and meet some of the friendliest people, who aren't afraid to show you love, then come and join us at: 1243 ST. Regis DR. Burlington, NC 27217. Thank you for your time and we will thank you in advance for all your prayers. We also have a wonderful, anointed mime team as well. May you all be blessed for taking the time to read this.

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