Rev. Cornelius B.Scott

by Alatha Stokes
(College Park, Georgia)

Rev. Scott is one of the best kept secrets in the A.M.E. Church organization. As an overseer he is a highly anointed man of God. He exemplifies what a true spiritual leader should be and is a man who cares and hears the call of his sheep.

Pastor Scott came to us when we had been without a church home (physical building) for almost 5 years. Through his work and determination within six months MT. Zion had a new location and the church we had been longing for.

The Bible tells us that Pastors are gifts from God. We at MT. Zion have been truly blessed by God through his gift of Pastor Scott. He is a great teacher who makes us hunger for the word of God. His sermons inspire, motivate, make you laugh and make you cry. His style is most unique. He reaches all ages, he even gets an amen from one our one year olds.

He is truly dedicated to this church often giving much more than he receives. Our Pastor has a heart for new believers - he personally nurtures them. He has a zeal to win souls and is committed to making sure that we know Christ still saves, heals and sets free all who are willing to receive him.

Did I mention he paints and helps out around the church wherever is needed and never complains because he leads by example.

I thank God for his gift and I am honored to serve under the ministry of such a God called leader. May God continue to use him. Bless our beloved Pastor and his family.

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