Rev. Carl Watson

by Natasha Ferguson
(Raeford, NC, USA)

Rev Carl, as some of us affectionately call him, has been with us for two and a half years now. He came in the place of his mother when she became terminally ill.

We lost her the Friday before Mother's Day. Rev. Carl has been a pillar of strength through it all. He still came to worship service on that following Sunday and when we were supposed to be a comfort to him during his time of bereavement he was still comforting us, and guiding us all the same.

He is never changing! Within that two years that he has been with us I have gained such a profound respect for him and his family. He has been more than a pastor to us, he has been a true friend and comforter. God has truly blessed this man of the Word and I am so glad that he has given it to Rev. Carl to give to us.

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