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Rev Calvin Varlack

by Luisette Kraal
(Curacao Netherlands Antilles)

Kali, we call him. Calvin is his name. He is a tall black man with the humor of a dry Englishmen and the knowledge of Paul.

We love him because he has the ability to point you in the right direction, (The bible) with few words. Than after he delivers his “Blows” he smiles lazily. He knows that what he says is according to God’s words and he truly expects you to keep up with God’s word.

I used to think that being a pastor is about the worst job in the whole world. But after seeing my pastor perform for years I change my beliefs.

God’s hand is truly on him.

Dios Bendishona bo Kali.

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by: Anonymous

The name of your church is so fitting.. Abundant Grace. You have been so gracious to us, Helping Hands Ministry. We consider you all as our family and love you dearly. The Word that is given out is "straight on" truth.

May The Lord continue to bless you and visit your services.

With His love,
Ralph and De Dorman
Helping Hands Ministry

Our Pastor who loves JESUS.
by: Barbara Brugman-van Romondt

Cali, our pastor, is a man who has grown to love JESUS more and more....he does not stand still..but keeps growing in JESUS....
In his preaching you notice his love for the is "solid food"
As a pastor he does not demand you to call him "Pastor......" which shows his humbleness as a mere man serving HIS Head , our LORD JESUS...
He preaches the WORD of GOD as it beating around the bush......but he always manages to bring humor into it...(which is very refreshing!)
He and his wife Silvia are a blessing to many of us...they really want the LORD to say to them when they meet Face to face "Well done my faithful servant" They live and work for the LORD GOD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST....
Our church is not perfect, far from it....but we want to please our LORD in all we do and say...together we grow, together we are HIS salt unto the world around us!


I can't believe i found this page online, well, what can i say about pastor kali, he was my teacher at koningin juliana school for 2 years, there at school i met him, then he gave me the opportunity to sing and minister to the youth at his church, im talking about 10 years ago. we sometimes send each other messages, not often but he knows how much i respect him as my teacher and as a man of God, how many great things we did in the ministry in Curacao, looking forward to see him soon and keep doing kingdom ministry together.

by: Soraida

Cali i Silvia masha pabien.
Cali mi pastor un homber jama pa Dios mes.
Cali guia pa Spiritu Santu di Dios.
Cali mi ta mira tur e frutanan di Spiritu Santu
den dje.Amor,Goso,Pas,Pasenshi,Amabilidat,Humildat
Dominio Propio.kiermen kompletu di akuerdo ku
Dios su Palabra.Mi por tende Dios mes papia pa
medio di fortifika mi ke laga.Yozue 1:8-9

Un pastor bendishona
by: Etlien Janga

Caly, bendishon i masha pabien.
Mi ta kontentoe/gradicido ku Dios a buta mi den bo kaminda, pami a hanja abo komo mi pastor/leader ku ta predika e bon noticia, e Evangelio.
Pa Dios dunabo forza, sabiduria, amor i perseveransha pa sigi ku e bon trabao.Dios bendishona bo kasa Sylvia ku ta sostenebo. Danki pa tur kos.Un kaluroso abraso.
1Pedro 4:11 ta bisa, Si un hende a risibi e don di predika, mester por tende Dios mes papia pa medio di dje. Si un hende a risibi e don di sirbi den iglesia, e mester sirbi ku e forsa ku Dios ta dune. Asina Dios ta hanja gloria den tur kos pa medio di Hesu-Kristu. Na Dios ta pertenese gloria i poder pa semper! Amen.

Terrific Leader
by: Ben & Jefka Martha

Kali ta e uniko lider spiritual ku nos konose, ku a logra di konvense nos kua direkshon nos mester a kue den bida. Esei ta paso e ta domina e Palabra di Dios profundamente i e ta kapas di relata esei na praktika di tur dia, na un forma komprendibel, i tog intelektual i semper ku un dosis agradabel di humor. E sa semper kon pa pone e dede riba e realidat amargo, pero na un forma konstruktivo, ku ta motiva bo pa traha duru na bo kresementu spirital.

E kombinashon di Kali i su esposa Sylvia ta net loke un iglesia i kada ruman mester pa ta parti di e fundeshi solido i konfiabel ku nos mester pa enfrenta i supera nos vanidatnan di tur dia.

Very profound, very collected, very humorous.

Kali: a terrific leader.
Kali & Sylvia: a great team!

Pabien! Kali. Pabien! IGA
by: for di Peru di Jeannette Antersijn

"P'esei duna kada kem loke e tin derechi riba dje: si ta kontribushon i belasting, pag'ele;si ta rèspèt i honor, dun'ele".
I ami kier duna Kali rèspèt i honor pa kumpli 12 aña obedeciendo e bos di Señor, kumpliendo ku su mandato di kuida henter e trupa di karné ku Spiritu Santu a pone na su enkargo. Sea wardadó di iglesia IGA di Dios.
Kali hopi Pasenshi, forsa i amor "Amor semper ta perseverá, semper ta kere, semper ta spera i keda soportá". Pabien, pabien, pabien!!!!!!! Hopi, hopi, hopi!!!!! aña mas te dia Cristo bin atrobe.
Yipiiiiiiii! Hiep, hiep, hoera!!!!!!!!!!

A humble servant
by: Caroline van Romondt

Pastor Calvin does not thrive on position of authority, but on the honor he has for serving his awesome Savior and Lord. He does not choose who he ministers or helps. Whenever prompted by the Spirit he is ready to help a person in need of physical labor, a financial or spiritual need. Cali, as we call him will readily scrub, dust, broom and mop the church building and toilets. Cali has reached out in this manner to many that are not even part of his congregation. This quality is to be copied by all who have been called by God to become children of God. I am honored to have such a humble leader to look up to and follow in his footsteps. May God always be honored and keep us all humbled to serve him with the passion our pastor has.

Na tempu
by: Nadin

Un pastor ku ta tene su mes na tempu tur ora! E mes tei prome ku sirbishi kuminsa i e ta logra duna espasio den sirbishi pa hasi orashon, duna testimonio, predikashi, baile i tur kos den un tempu sin ta lat.
Mi ta apresia esei masha hopi mes!
Kali danki ku 12 anja IGA. Ounke ami ta un anja so mi konose.

by: Dennis ten HOLT

I love you man

It is a privilege to join the party too....
by: Vivian Le Blanc

For me you are a person who is straightforward and full of wisdom concerning expecially youth and marrriage matters. You radiate joy, always a smile, respect, you talk the walk, but you walk the talk too. Besides that, you teach others to do the same!
God bless you richly, and may He bless your dear wife as well.
I love you and am proud to know people such as you who also play an important part in my life!
Continue the good work. Do not fear for He who has called you, has sent you, and has equipped you!

Mi Pastor
by: Ed Kraal

Cali ta un pastor serio i responsabel

He is a good pastor indeed
by: Anonymous

He is the best bible teacher I have ever seen!

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